FB-Pic-TempletGravity keeps us all on the ground. It’s gravity that is the biggest single factor that NASA engineers have to contend with to lift the shuttle off the ground. It’s so powerful that the size of the rockets that have to create lift to propel the Space Shuttle in orbit are larger than the shuttle itself.

You’ve heard the saying that we are all creatures of habit. I’ll go a step further and add we all creatures of habit that live in comfort zones.

We all like to “feel” comfortable. In our youth we are protected from much of the uncomfortable things of life as we begin to develop habits that keep us “comfortable.” This is why change is so hard because who wants to have self-impose uncomfortable pain?

We’ve all experienced how uncomfortable it is to change. This is why MOST people (about 95%) never really make forward progress. They are locked into the gravitational pull of habits. They never realize the price to pay for change is being uncomfortable in creating better habits.

This pull is as powerful as a mind altering drug.

There are two keys to lifting off just like the Space Shuttle and overcoming this powerful gravity; first, you must have a powerful vision of where you’d like to lead your life. It has to be very strong so you’ll create the second; tremendous desire to fly! The vision is the destination and the desire is the rocket power needed to lift through the gravity of change.

I kept a habits journal as part of a coaching program I went through several years ago. This allowed me to witness for myself how much of what I did was just pure habit. I learned that I had to create a better “mind altering” habit to replace one I currently had that was leading me no where.  By doing that I could  become a slave to better habits. For example, I used to get up first thing in the morning, go outside and get the newspaper and read it cover to cover before I started my day. That was I habit I had for years. It was hard to replace it but I did. In the exact same amount of time I used to read a bunch of meaningless negative news,  I now pray and do personal development study. Its way better to read about positive and motivational topics than what our country’s unemployment rate is.

I took me about 4 years to really replace bad habits and replace them with abundance habits. Now my great habits are just as hard to break as the bad ones they replaced.

Look at your life and take a habits inventory. Write down everything you do for the next 5-7 days. That in itself will be hard because it’s not a habit. You’ll review it afterwards and I’ll promise you’ll see a pattern and be prepared to not like it. Then simply, review your big goals and dreams and create daily habits that would lead you to them.

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