As a serious student of nutrition I’ve reviewed a lot of protein. As a 10 time Ironman triathlon finisher I want to make sure I’m putting the best protein in my body to get stronger and to recover faster from my hard workouts. As you consider what Whey Protein is right for you here are some considerations as you compare and ask others their opinion.

Here are some of my discoveries:

  1. Whey Protein is Not Created Equal

    There will be many stores, coaches and well meaning people who think all Whey is the same, after all, it looks the same. But the similarities stop at looks. The cheapest brand is cheap for a reason as you’ll discover as you read more.

  2. Cows are Treated Differently

    Cows that are allowed to freely roam are less stressed and will produce a higher quality milk

  3. A Cow’s Diet is Important

    Cows are meant to eat grass instead of the government subsidized pesticide-laden corn. A cow gets sick eating anything other than grass and the dairy farmer has to inject antibiotics into them to keep them producing. Those antibiotics are passed through to you as the consumer.

  4. Milked According to Season

    Do you want an artificial inseminated cow?

  5. Hormones

    Growth hormones are injected into cows to increase milk production. This can lead to mastitis; an infection in the mammary glands which leads to more antibiotics.

  6. Antibiotics

    This residue is passed through to humans and has been linked to antibiotic resistant humans.

  7. Undenatured

    A cold processed whey preserves the natural peptides needed to help the protein break down in the body.

Bottom line; there are less than 1% of the producers that have as high as quality Whey Protein as Isagenix. I fully recommend Isagenix brand.


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