desire-pain-peaceLasting long-term success can’t be achieved without going through each of these three steps; desire, pain and peace. Many people try to cheat these three steps but find only resistance and wonder why they can’t have the success that they long for.


You can’t know how to get to where you’re going without a clear vision of the destination before you start. By seeing your destination, and making it BIG, will create  BIG desire. The size of your desire will decide the amount of pain you can face and ultimately the peace achieved as the result.

Most people only desire small goals in their life. Many people want much larger outcomes but really never create the burning desire to achieve them. It takes a great deal of passion to be able to move  through the second step; pain, to reach peace.


Pain is undoubtedly the best teacher that ever lived. It is this step that also must be passed through to learn to have peace. There are some with a burning desire but avoid any pain. Alas, the size of the pain equals the size of the peace. I’m convinced that pain is a necessary part and is given to us to help us be careful, thoughtful, diligent and to teach us more about ourselves. When an athlete induces pain in training their muscles and cardiovascular systems adapt and become stronger. This same adaptation process happens with emotional pain; the biggest may be just to overcome your comfort zone and defeat your fear.


The last step in the process of success is to achieve peace. There are many people who successfully navigate the first two steps only to fail at peace. While they may get wealth, money and power, they are still not at peace. Peace is the understanding of gratitude, the recognition that the results obtained were an act of grace and had very little to do with your effort. Peace is accepting all outcomes, i.e., offers given you along the way. Peace allows you to be happy regardless of what you have, how others treat you or what challenges you face or will face.

Success is a process. These three steps are a part of the success journey. Without all three, success can never be fully achieved.

When I decided to become successful in my home business I had to pass through each of these phases. I had to develop a burning desire. That step took time. I’ve been a home business entrepreneur since November 2009. I only dabbled in the business for the first 3 years. I didn’t have a burning desire. Last year is when I took the time and diligent study to create a burning desire.

Because my first 3 years I did not acquire a burning desire I only had slight pain. I did not have the larger desire to push through the greater pain I needed to earn $1 million dollars a year (my present goal).  Now with the larger desire I’m faced with added pain and I recognize that I’m now learning to face the fears I’ve had all along. Simple to some perhaps, but to me they are large. But as I’ve conquered them, the fears are no longer large but have vanished.

I’ve now begun to earn at my personal record levels. This year has started out great and every week in January has been a record week. I’m now more at peace. I don’t really care about me and my results because I’m at peace knowing and accepting the outcomes, regardless of what they are. I’m allowing life to happen and I marvel at how wonderful it is.

You’ll have your own journey as I’ve had mine in working through these three steps. All I can offer you now is that it will all be worth it, even the pain, to achieve success.

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  1. She said in one interview, playing on the famous Lennon phrase “Give Peace a Chance” – “I’m a bit beyond being an artist who says, ‘Give peace a chance.’ Part of me is like, ‘Give war a chance,’ just to stir it up, you know what I mean?”.

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