FB-Pic-TempletEver witness a carriage  being pulled by a horse with blinders on? Or blinders being worn by a great race horse in a major thoroughbred race? Why is so?

According to Parklane Equestrian (with emphasis added), “Horses have their eyes at the sides of their heads, which indicates that they are hunted in nature — similar to rabbits, for example — as opposed to the hunters such as cats. So, horses have peripheral vision, which means they can end up running off course unless they are made to remain focused.

Blinders are small squares of firm leather that attach to the bridle at the side of the horse’s head. Some say that blinders were invented when a preacher had a wager with one of his friends. The preacher bet that his horse could walk up the stairs in his home, which the horse did with no problem at all. But, when he tried to coax the horse down again, it wouldn’t budge! So, the preacher covered the horses head and lead him down. He realized that covering all or part of the horse’s vision could encourage the horse to take chances it would not normally take.

Horses sometimes need to be made to focus and blinders keep the horse’s eye focused on what is ahead, rather than what is at the side or behind. That is why race horses are often given blinders – for the purpose of keeping them focused when racing round a racecourse. The jockey has a very small amount of control over the horse. If a horse decides to take a different route, it will simply take the jockey with it, so this can pose problems. Troublesome race horses are fitted with blinders for their own safety and the jockey’s safety.”

These are the benefits for a horse to wear blinders:

  • Keep you on course
  • Take chances you would normally not take, and
  • Focus on what is ahead and not what is at the side or behind

These benefits would be wise to seek in your personal and business life.

What are some ways you can put blinders on and receive these same benefits?

  1. Create big goals with acute focus and build a habit of reviewing them multiple times a day.
  2. Recognize the distractions pulling you to the side and hunting you and don’t even give them a second of your thought.
  3. Read and study to improve your beliefs which will cause your thoughts to be positive and only focused on the race ahead.
  4. At the end of each day review your progress. Ask yourself what you learned that day? What could you have improved upon? What steps do you need to take to move you back towards the middle of the race track and towards the front of the pack?

In my life I’ve had to keep blinders on and keep them up 100% of the time. In order to successfully run my business, which is paramount to paying for my future, and to train 15-22 hours a week for my participation in Ironman Triathlon, I can’t afford to be knocked off track. I don’t have much time for other things in my life except for service to my God, building a relationship with myself and my health, loving my family and contributing to my community and my business. Anything not moving me towards those goals is a distraction. I’ve learned to remove them from my life.

So can you!

About the Author Michael Lantz (Big Papa)

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  1. samurai is right It is NOT usually to prevent the horse from being spooked, especially at the carriage! WHen you ride a horse with loose rein, you’ll notice that most horses like to look around at their surroundings. They like to know what is around them and what is going on for their own safety, its instinct. The blinders or blinkers re to keep the horses looking int the direction they are being asked to go, straight ahead, instead of around at their surroundings. Horses are just like us, they tend to travel wheichever direction they are looking. If the driver constanty has to saw back and forth to keep the horse traveling straight, its a hassle!

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