FB-Pic-TempletI was pondering how thoughts always become things and their material equivalent. We know that must be true because when the earth was created nothing was here. Then as man was placed on the earth and given the gift to think, he began to co-create with the Creator and things began to be made.

I’ve thought about Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb. At the time he invented it people didn’t believe it would be good because up until that time they only ‘thought’ to use candles, oil lamps and occasionally gas lights. Then over time people began to think that the light could work and like everything else ever created, the raw materials just showed up and produced power plants, wires and everything else needed to create electric lights. All of the raw materials were already in the earth and it took thousands of years before thought was created to bring to use the materials needed to produce electric light just as it produced candles, oil lamps and gas lights.

But my question is how did the creator, a head of time, know that man would think of the electric light in order to make sure earth had the material in it to produce it?

As I explored the answer to that question I began to realize that the creator didn’t really know what we would think but didn’t have to because a higher law is at force; namely “thought ALWAYS turns into its equivalent material thing.” I marvel at that belief because if I’m right, then why not think really really big and allow those thoughts to become things?

Don’t get me wrong, I realize that a person just can’t think something and poof, it appears. I realize that as those thoughts are created and refined they direct a man’s actions to start to marshal people, talents, knowledge, material, labor and a whole host of other things to put together the object of the thought.

How can I use that belief to make my life better? Or better yet, how can I use that belief to better the lives of other people?

I think first I have to completely weed out the thoughts that are yielding results not really desirable in my life. For me, I’ve eliminated most of those but I’d be naive to think I’ve eliminated all of them. Since thought brings about the great things, such as the electric light, it must surely bring about others things like misery, addiction and unhappiness.

Second I have to develop bigger dreams and aspirations. I have to remove the limits on my thinking. For instance, about a year ago I started to believe I could become an age group champion in the Ironman triathlon and qualify to compete in the World Ironman Championship. Since I started to change that belief my progress has been amazing. Far surpassing what I was doing just a year ago.

I’ve started to believe that I could create a large and thriving Isagenix team that would yield me over a million dollars a year in residual income. As a result of that belief, again, my progress over the last year is stellar. I’ve learned a great deal and people are beginning to show up in my life that can help me achieve that.

Third, I’ve learned to quit relying on the finite and start to believe in the infinite. When I relied on the finite I created pain for myself because I constantly had expectations and would find myself comparing myself against another. By relying on the earth, or the law that thoughts become things, to provide all my needs, I do not need to rely on finite thinking. I don’t have to have expectations or to compare myself. I just know that thoughts will become things. I have faith and trust in that.

Finally, I’ve begun to understand that all people are just like me. I’m not any better than them or they better than me. We are all literally created equal because the law, thoughts become things, is working for everyone. If someone has less than me or has created undesirable things in their life, only means the law is creating that just as it’s done for me. I didn’t create my better situation, the law did. The creation of the earth proves that because it has, presumable, everything it will ever need to produce the object of man’s thoughts.

I’ve begun to have a deep appreciation for all people. I’m a much better listener. I totally realize that other people are no different than me  and I believe in their great potential regardless of their belief in themselves because I know that the law, thoughts become things, will work for them.

As you can see, that one question turned into a great deal of truth for me.  As my dreams are coming true, my happiness and joy are complete.

Thoughts do become things.

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