FB-Pic-TempletRaymond Holliwell, one of my favorite authors, writes in his book Working With the Law; 11 Truth Principles for Successful Living, “To desire is to expect — to expect is to achieve.”

I’ve come to learn that everything that I’ve ever achieved was first the thought of “desire” coupled with the belief that I “expected” to receive it. You have to have both connected attributes because desire without expectation is “idle wishing or dreaming” he states. If you just desire you waste valuable mental energy.

He states, “Desire connects you with the thing desired and expectation draws it into your life. This is the Law.”

How does that work?

I think you’ll agree that you need action, work and perseverance to achieve any worthwhile desire. Its the expectation that triggers the action. Even if the actions are small in comparison to what would really be needed to achieve the object of your desire, it’s moving you toward your desire.

When your desire and expectation are complete your focus is also established towards the object of the desire. Focus in a tremendous by-product of desire and expectation. Many people desire many worthwhile things but lack that expectation to receive it, thus their focus is aimless and subconscious. You’ll agree that you will move only towards that which you see.

Consider a child on a tricycle happily going down a sidewalk and they see a big boulder in their path. They fixate their eyes on the boulder and can you guess what they hit? The boulder. Their entire body headed in the direction of what they saw. This is true in life. We “attract” in our lives what we focus on because that is all we see, just like the child on the tricycle. Without expectation of your desire, you’ll never focus your sight on the prize but only on the negative and less abundant in your life.

This is why some people “see” opportunities in life and others don’t.

Those that miss opportunity are only focused on the boulder and not the clear path around it to the end of the sidewalk where the prize is waiting.

Raymond Holliwell interjects people “seeing differently because [they] were looking for different things. We see in life that which interest us the most and pass blindly by that of little or no interest. It is here in this simple practice that many of us may be making our mistakes. We may be so interested in things that are not prosperous, joyful, and healthy that we pass by the very things we desire most and overlook the means of our health and prosperity. With our interest so engrossed in seeing the lesser, either through habit or ignorance, we fail to attract the greater things that are all around us.”

Continue to desire AND expect it come into your life and watch the new energy created with the focus and vision on the prize.

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