As an endurance athlete in training I need to fuel up with over 4,000 calories daily. I need a higher percentage of carbohydrates than other athletes. Here are two post workout recovery meals I swear will improve your recovery and satisfy your hunger.

FB-Pic-TempletThe Green Monster


1 IsaLeanPro Vanilla Shake

1 scoop of Isagenix Greens

2 tbs of IsaCrunch (hemp seed)

1/4 cup of organic steel cut raw oats

2 organic bananas

1 serving of Isagenix Fiber Pro

4-6 oz of purified water with 4 ice cubes.

Blend completely in a blender and consume within 10 minutes.

Total calories 718

Fat 14.58 g

Carbohydrate 101.5 g

Protein 48.8 g

FB-Pic-TempletThe Chocolate Berry Bomb


1 IsaleanPro Chocolate Shake

1 scoop of Isagenix Fruits

1 IsaDelight Plus

1 1/4 cup of organic blue berries

4-6 oz of purified water plus 4 ice cubes

Blend completely in a blender. Pulverize the IsaDelight Plus while still in the wrapper. Sprinkle on top and consume within 10 minutes.

Total calories 463

Fat 10.6 g

Carbohydrate 54.3 g

Protein 38.3 g

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