FB-Pic-TempletWhat you see with your eyes will deceive you. For example, if you looked down a railroad track you will observe that at a certain distance the two tracks converge at one point. This is not true. Have you ever stood on a pier and watched a ship leave only to see it consumed in the horizon. The ship was not sinking; your eyes tell you falsely.

You are prone to believe more than what you see. The evidences of the senses are the only facts that some accept, but now you shall realize more and more that it is what “you believe” that determines what you shall see. Christopher Columbus did not believe the earth was square and thus was able to discover a great new land where everyone before him only believed what their eyes told them.

Believing is seeing. More defeats and failures are due to mental blindness than to moral deviation. If one lived only by physical sight, his world would be very small. It is said of a bug that its world is only as large as the size of the leaf on which it lives, and many times it does not live long enough to consume the whole leaf. With man, if he lived according to the senses, the largest sense he possessed would be that of sight. Thus your whole world would extend only as far as you could see.

With this truth that you only see what you believe and not what you see, you’re in a place to see reality. You’ll begin to ask more questions and receive more truth. You’ll be open to more and more truth because you do not accept that you see with your eyes only, but only that which you see with your mind.

In my world I face people all the time that only see with their eyes. They can’t see what I see. Some call these people “skeptics” or “close minded.” That is really not an exact statement. More accurately they only see with their eyes and not with their mind. When you understand that you’re able to ask them very deep questions that will cause them to explore for the truth. While some will never see what you see, some will and they will be forever grateful to you for “opening their eyes!”

The person that will most benefit from this knowledge will be you. For thus “your eyes will be open” and the truth will set you free.

These concepts are paraphrased from the book titled, Working with the Law by Raymond Holliwell, 5th printing, pages 28 and 29.

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