FB-Pic-TempletHave you been around someone who lives in the past? They had success in their life and make it a point to let you know about it every time you speak about what you’re currently doing. Reminds me of the T-shirt that says, “The older I get the better I was.” Those people have no business being in your future and here’s why.

People that live in the past have some negative tendencies because of some known or unknown insecurity. They have not been able to move forward to even live in the present because currently they may feel their life has no  real meaning. Therefore, they go to the past where they can sooth their ego and mask their insecurity. The insecurity that usually causes this behavior is the fear of being criticized.  They fear being criticized for having a less than stellar life and then feel they have to go to something of significance in their past so they are not criticized about where their life is now.

Because of this insecurity they will unknowingly try and sabotage any other person’s success because they would feel that they might be criticized if someone was more successful than them. People that live in the past are always comparing their life against another.

There can be no good that can ever come to you by having a person like that in your life now or in the future. They will make any situation about them. They will try and one-up you on almost everything.

Many people do not have this fear and also do not live in the past. They are not fearful of being criticized and only will encourage your success and praise you for your endeavors. That is the kind of people you’ll want in your life.

I had to let go of a person in my life that I really liked but almost every conversation was about what they accomplished in the past. This person had joined my team as a distributor and boasted always of their prior success in another industry. The truth was no body cared about what this person had accomplished. Like me, we only cared about what this person was currently accomplishing.  The person was a part of my team for about 2 months and was only able to recruit one other person.

It’s my experience that a person’s fears will always manifest itself in their life. A person that fears being criticized will be criticized.  My other team mates are only focused on what we want and have not given much thought to this person but I have heard some criticism.

If you have this fear and live in the past be aware of the situation. You can accomplish anything you want in life. Your past can be used as a tool to learn how to move forward. You can overcome the fear of criticism by first understanding that you have it. Then upon reflection you can see how it rules your thoughts and actions which usually are not productive. Begin to replace the fear with the belief about how awesome you are and on the verge of doing great things.

Believe in yourself! Only allow people in your life that you’d enjoy being their in the future and who will love and support every worthy thing you desire!












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