We upgrade everything in our life. We trade in our old clunkers and buy new cars that even smell nice inside. We get rid of old worn out furniture and buy new soft couches that feel so nice to lay on. Every few years we get rid of our computers that seem to be slow and sluggish and get ones that are faster and cost less than the one you replaced.

Wouldn’t it be nice to trade-in your old body and self and get a new one that is faster, feels better, looks betters and even runs better.

There is such a place.

Ready to learn where?

The name of the store is called

Cellular Rejuvenation and DNA Replication Super Store


The cellular I’m referring to is not your cell phone. It’s the 100 trillion cells that make up your entire body.

Some Facts

Your body replaces itself about every 7 years through cellular rejuvenation and DNA replication. This is the process of replacing an old worn out cell with a new and better one. This happens at an alarming rate of:

1 Billion Cells Per Minute

The key to health is to make sure the new cell is built with the best material. Lets look at a muscle cell for a moment. They only last about 6 months.  To ensure a strong new muscle cell you’ll want to feed it with the best nutrients and building blocks you can.  If your body lacks what it needs when the muscle cell is rebuilt, that cell with be substandard for 6 months when it will be replaced (rebuilt) again.

It’s like a home built with poor material versus strong material. The home on the left was built with just sticks and a tin roof. This home would not last the first terrible storm. The home on the right was built in 1785 and was the first home west of the Mississippi built with brick. It still stands today.



If your body’s cells are built like the home on the left you’re going to have some problems. Build your body’s cells with bricks and they will last and function as they were designed.

Building Material for Your Body

Your body needs at a minimum 90 key nutrients daily to build new strong cells. Of the 90, 60 are minerals and 30 are vitamins, amino and fatty acids. Unfortunately because of how our soils have been destroyed with pesticides, crops grown today and then processed to create what you think is food, do not contain the 90 key nutrients.

Because your body is constantly rebuilding itself with new cells, it needs to have these key nutrients inside you 100% of the time. You can only get them by eating primarily  raw organic based fruits and vegetables and through supplementation. Plus, eating animal protein that is free of antibiotics and steroids and that has been feed with raw organic plants. It’s one thing to know the ingredients you are eating but you also have to know the ingredients the animals you’re eating are eating.

DNA Replication

During cellular rejuvenation your genetic code, stored in DNA, must also be replicated from the dying cell to the new cell. DNA is the code of each cell. Its the code that says the color of your eyes are green or the color of your hair is brown. At the tips of each DNA strand  is a protective cap called a telomere. It’s there to protect the strand from unraveling each time the cell is replicated. Unfortunately as cells are replicated the telomere gets worn and frayed.

Telomere shortening has a direct correlation to aging.

According to Dr. William H. Andrews, a leading authority in the world on aging and telomere said, “When cells divide telomeres shorten and bad things happen when telomeres get short.” But at the Super Store you can purchase some key ingredients that turns a certain enzyme on in your body whose sole purpose is to support your telomere, essentially fighting off the effects of aging. The gene is called the telomarase gene. There is only one product known that actually effectively turns this gene on and support telomere health.


I didn’t want to get to technical and I hope you have gained a measure of how important it is to eat right. It’s only through proper food and supplementation that you can provide the body the right stuff to allow it to be the Super Store it was intended to be. If you eat poorly, not providing your cells the needed nutrients, you’ll end up with a cell that looks like the house on the left. I’m sure you’d rather have cells that were like the home built with bricks.

If you’d like to learn more about a system to build strong new cells and to support telomeres, please contact me below and I’ll get back to you.

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