FacebookpostMy former life coach, Dan Sullivan, creator of Stratregic Coach® taught The Entrepreneurial Time System™ that consisted of three kinds of days; Focus Days, Buffer Days and Free Days.

Focus Day

A day that you spend at least 80% of your time in money making activity. The three most important activities were one-on-one meetings with people, building relationships and finding new relationships.

Buffer Day

A day that you spend at least 80% of your time preparing to have great Focus Days and Free Days.

Free Day

A day that you spend 100% of your time doing what you love. To clarify what a free day is not; if you spend a day at the beach, surfing, swimming, eating, sleeping and on the way home you took a call from a client, that’s not a free day. It’s where you disconnect from the world and totally do 100% of the day what you love doing.

I can tell you from experience that you need free days. As you create this system you’ll naturally only have 1 or 2 Free Days a week. But as you learn to create massive productivity on Focus Days because you spent the time to prepare on a Buffer Day, you’ll be able to create more wealth and cash flow in less time allowing you to have more Free Days.

We need down time where we recharge our batteries. Our minds and body need rest to rejuvenate. As the picture says, even if you love to work, you still need to back away from it and allow your mind and body rest.

Animals are in tune with Circannual rhythms that are based on the season. Animals now the seasons and start to prepare for them in advance. Geese fly south for the winter. Bears gather food all summer, getting fat, to be able to hibernate during the winter. Winter would be akin to a free day.

We have daily circadian rhythms were light regulates the release of melatonin from the pineal gland. During darkness this hormone is released to help us deep sleep and repair and give rest to our bodies. Sleep would be akin to a free day.

As you learn to take full free days doing what you love, your mind will be refreshed and actually be more creative and productive during Focus days when you need it be be at it’s best.

Take down time. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. Do it for your business. Do it for your health. Do it for others that you serve.




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