FacebookpostIf you’re not into making a mark on the world or could care less about getting out and creating new relationships, a hermit of sorts, then this post is not for you. For everyone else I think you’ll gain some valuable insight.

We live in a people world and its through our relationships with others that we create happiness, abundance and joy. Other people need you and your talents as much as you need theirs. Because of this fact, attracting the right people in your life is must.

  1. Have a clear vision of your future.

    If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will take you there. With a clear vision undoubtedly you’ll see the type of people you’ll want to attract in your life. People without a clear vision wind up with toxic people in their life and they wasted time creating a worthless relationship. Then to break free of it will waste more  valuable time and energy again to remove them. When you understand where you’re headed you’ll begin to see people and their talents, relationships and skills as a way to help you get there. The right people will start to show up in your life because you’ll recognized them. They were always there but without vision you never recognized them.

  2. Understand who you ‘really’ are.

    By understanding yourself; your strengths, weaknesses, skills, personality, etc, you’ll be able to be authentic. Many people without this understanding try to be like someone else in order to be liked and hopefully attract people in their life they think they need. Unfortunately this will not work very well because other people see right through the facade. You’ll end up repelling the very people you may need in your life.

  3. Be authentic.

    Dr. Seuss said it best, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Drop your insecurity that is making you think you’re not up to par. You are the best you that ever lived! People will be attracted to your authenticity and will appreciate your unique perspective on life. You have a lot to offer other people. If you’re not at the point in your personal development you’d like to be, then continue to work on you but never sacrifice your true heart to be something other than yourself.

  4. The Brand call you.

    Every person, company or product is wise to understand they have a unique brand. It’s your unique brand that will draw people to you. Others will seek someone like you. Just like it’s up to product advertising to portray a certain brand to those that watch so when its time to make a purchase, they will seek the brand image that best fits their needs. Look at people you’ve sought to serve you in the past. They each have a certain unique brand that you seek. You’ll even pay more to gain basically the same service as long as they have the brand you seek. This is why the first three steps are critical in attracting others your way.

  5. The difference between ‘sales’ and ‘marketing’

    I had a good friend explain to me the difference between sales and marketing and it’s applicable in this discussion on attracting the right people in your life. Sales is when you call them. Marketing is when they call you. That kind of marketing is also referred to as “attraction marketing.” When I discovered my own brand and then how to portray it authentically is when my phone and social media contacts began to roll in and I started to gain some awesome friendships and business relationships too. I see so many people “gag” all over people just like the salesman they did not want to become. I’ve been guilty of that too and it’s not pleasant. It’s so much easier to be you. You don’t have to worry about what you said or how you say it. Of course you can always improve your own messaging but always be you.

I’ve enjoyed reaching out to other people one on one and also on the social media channels I use. I have reminders up on my dry erase board that I look at before I post to make sure it is me talking and not someone else. I’ve learned that I have to get out of my home office and be around real people and not just FaceBook people. Just sitting here in a Starbucks close to my home during the noon hour three or four times a week I’ve met some great people.

Just be yourself. Work on being a better you. You have so much to offer others because you are one of a kind!

About the Author Michael Lantz (Big Papa)

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