Boil1There is an old saying, “A watched pot never boils.” It refers to being anxious to get the water to boil in a pan on the stove. It seems like it always takes forever to boil. I’m sure you’ve experienced this feeling.

We get anxious for other things too. Ever wonder why?

Being anxious doesn’t make the water boil any faster. Nor does watching other things in our life make their positive outcome happen any faster either.

The emotion of being “anxious” is unpleasant. It is a result of having stress and stress is never good to have.

Upon analysis we all know that the water is going to boil. It just takes the right amount of time based on all the elements; those we control and those we don’t control. We don’t control barometric pressure, the heat of the element, the molecular structure of the water, the type of pan material and the ambient air temperature. We do control putting water in the pot, setting it on the stove and turning the stove on high. You can control some of those elements but not all of them yet the parts you don’t control have just as much to contribute as the parts you do control.

Let’s remember all other outcomes in our life are the same. We can only control our own actions, beliefs and thoughts. Yet in the course of all outcomes, the variables that contribute to the final outcome that you don’t control, have more bearing on that outcome as the variables you do control.

The message is clear, that pot of water will eventually boil because you did your part; you put water in the pot, set the pot on the stove and turned the stove on. Everything else that contributes to the boiling water, you don’t control yet it plays an equal part.

Don’t watch the pot. That only leads to stressful anxiety. You did your part now let God control the rest. Get it?

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