bigstock_Entrepreneur_852877-e1285599598853I was sitting around brainstorming attributes needed to succeed as an entrepreneur and came up with this perfect list.

  1. You want a life of freedom.
    Every successful entrepreneur first started with a burning desire to create an ideal future for themselves and their families. That desire became a belief that became real in their mind and heart.
    If you dream of a better life, you can succeed as an entrepreneur.
  2.  You don’t care what others think about you.
    This is really an important element. Entrepreneurs are totally authentic and rarely ever follow the herd or the crowd. They break free of the norms. In fact, the really successful entrepreneurs love the naysayers to come out in force against them because they feed off their negative beliefs about the entrepreneur and it fuels their desire to succeed.
    If you don’t care what others think about you, you can succeed as an entrepreneur.
  3. You can focus on small daily tasks and realize there is no such thing as “get rich quick!”
    This stumps most wage earners who believe entrepreneurs had it easy and that their wealth came to them overnight. Entrepreneurs realize that their dreams are built a tiny bit each day. They work on the small things with greatness and with faith know that those small tasks, weaved together back-to-back-to-back, yield major results over time.
     If you can focus on small daily task without distraction, you can succeed as an entrepreneur.
  4. You understand that your fears are conquered with action.
    We all have fears. Successful entrepreneurs probably had the biggest fears but they overcame them with action toward their dreams. Fears are self imposed thoughts of scarcity, criticism and poor health. But the constant focus on a dream and then actions created by those focused thoughts, direct the entrepreneur’s mind’s attention away from the fear where the fear then begins to die.
    If you can stay focused on your dream with created action to conquer your fear, you can succeed as an entrepreneur.
  5. You have at least slightly below average or more intelligence.
    Lots of successful entrepreneurs never even graduated from high school. Yet most entrepreneurs are really knowledgeable in their fields and totally understand what their customers need. Their work ethic, energized by their burning desire to create their dream, motivates them to learn what they need in order to complete their dream.
    If you have at least a little below average or more intelligence, you can succeed as an entrepreneur.

Please read this blog  from my friend Paul Zane Pilzer, an accomplished economist that served two US presidents.

In his blog titled:

Theory of Nobel Prizewinning Economist Predicts Entrepreneurship vs Employment

The question many employed people ask today is “if” should they go out on their own as an entrepreneur. The question they should be asking themselves is “when” should they become an entrepreneur.

Most of the downsizing and layoffs we see today are the permanent dismantling of our large employers vs a temporary increase in unemployment. The larger the salary you earn today, the faster your job is likely to be eliminated by a better method or overseas source.

In 1991, the Nobel Prize for Economics was awarded to Professor Ronald Coase for a paper he had written in 1931, 60 years earlier at age 21.

Coase’s 1931 paper explained why large companies exist rather…..Read the rest

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