dont-do-this-in-jobIf you do this, STOP IT!

You’re better than that.

Unfortunately because of the way progression happens in a job a lot of stuff goes on that has nothing to do with the job itself.

Your job has really only a few things that need to be accomplished in order for you to keep your job and earn a paycheck and those don’t have much to do with actually creating value to customers. Here’s a few things that have to happen in order to keep your job.

  1. You need to please your boss.

    Lots of politics go into this job objective (the objective sucks too!). You’ll never see this in the employee manual but this is the main job of a job; just please your boss. Think about all the ways to do this that have nothing to do with taking care of customers.
    Only do what is needed to please your boss because you’re not being paid to do more (sad truth in corporate America).
    Don’t be a threat to your boss’s job. Don’t excel and show him/her up. Only share your good ideas with your boss in private so he/she can implement it and look like a hero.
    Praise your boss.
    Take your boss to lunch and pay.
    Watch their back and keep threats away from him/her.

  2. Show up early and leave late.

  3. Never complain or whine about your job.

See where I’m going?

Because in the employee/employer world much of the time you have no control over your pay being based upon the value you deliver to the company or customers. While there are correlations to doing a good job and pay, in the final analysis you can only go so far up the ladder. Your pay is in the hands of your boss or the owner of the company.

The farther up the ladder you go the smaller number of opportunities that exists (the ultimate pyramid). The higher up you go the more people are entrenched in protecting their jobs and because of self preservation will do all in their power to make sure you don’t move up. This is why people have to go to another job to get a promotion.

If you’ve paid attention in the last few years you know that about 90 million Americans have been permanently displaced. Can you even believe that these workers are not counted in the nation’s unemployment rate? The current 5.5% unemployment rate is a joke. Add the 90 million and it would be like 30%.

This “I’m going to protect my job at all cost” economy doesn’t work anymore (it really never worked but people believed that it did). If you find yourself in this situation you know it sucks.

The answer is to work for yourself. In 1900 about 90% did. Today only about 5%. But those 90 million displaced workers will make a comeback as entrepreneurs. I predict a rise in the number of entrepreneurs.

Don’t believe me or worse yet don’t believe you could ever work for yourself? Think again. It’s a lot easier than you think. It’s also hard. Yet working for one person; your boss, and thus one source of income, you’ll forever be in the “please your boss” and “protect my job” job market. That sucks.

There is a better way. Click below to find out more about the New Economy.

By the way, I hope you stop working to just please your boss and you start to work to please your inner passions.

A must watch if you have a job and want to understand if you are safe.




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