what-it-takesIt doesn’t take a bunch of cash.

It doesn’t take a bunch of luck.

It doesn’t take a bunch of credit.

While these would be useful it’s not what it takes. In fact cash, luck and credit in the wrong person’s hands would still lead to bankruptcy.

Here’s the three things you need to own a successful business.

You need a big belief in yourself

The number one thing you need to start a successful business is a big belief in yourself. If you study the success of some of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time they all possessed this attribute. Almost none of them had any money to start. But they all knew in their heart that they could be successful.

Because so many people have doubts in their life probably explains why only 1 in 20 work for themselves. In my experience and according to many government statistics, 95% of this country’s wealth is owned by only 5%. That’s 1 in 20. That’s 1 entrepreneur to 19 employees.

My good friend Lenny Evans states, “Even 1% doubt is 0% faith.” What he means is that even the smallest amount of doubt will kill your ability to own a successful business.

You need to have a clear vision of your future

You are what you think. I’ve mentored hundreds of new entrepreneurs and the one correlation with success is the level of clarity they have about their future. The bigger your future’s vision the bigger your desire will be to make it a reality. With a big vision and clarity you’ll be able to stay laser focused on what your goals are.

Most people do not have any vision of their future. They get the default plan. They stay poor and unfulfilled. They are easily distracted. They watch 3-5 hours of TV daily. They complain at success and make fun of those who are fit and healthy. They are like sheep and will follow the crowd even if then ran over the cliff.

It takes work to create a clear vision. It starts with a dream. It ends up written on a paper after some thought and research. It is so clear that you’ll even believe it’s already happened! That’s clarity and belief!

You need to have faith

Let me define faith because many people do not really know what it means.

In the New Testament in Hebrews 11:1 states, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Faith is believing that something can come to pass even though there is no evidence of seeing it. Thus, you hope for a successful business and you believe it will happen if you put in the time and effort to achieve it. Therefore, you have “faith” that if you do your part, the object of your desire will be created.

Now Lenny’s statement above will make more sense. If you have 1% doubt, you will not have any faith and you will not even put any effort toward making your business a success let alone even starting one.

Walt Disney only had a vision of Disneyland and a ton of faith. Look what he created. Something that changed the world!



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