yawn-2-1Love that extra piece of dessert after a meal?

The bread was so good that you thought another slice would be perfect?

Lots of carbs may be the sleep issue even if you ate meat with it. Read more.

By Philip Maffetone,  The Big of Endurance Training and Racing 

The reason many people get sleepy after a big lunch or dinner is usually due to too many carbohydrates, including sugar. In the case of a typical holiday meal, it’s not the turkey but the bread (usually high glycemic), potatoes (including sweetened sweet potatoes), gravy (made with flour), cranberries (sweetened with sugar), and, of course, those extra servings of pie (there’s always more than one type to taste). Throw in some alcohol and it’s no wonder you’re craving more than just one cup of coffee. The carbohydrates cause a rise in the level of the brain neurotransmitter serotonin —this has a calming, relaxing, sedating effect on the brain, because the more carbohydrates you eat, the more sedating its action. Sleepiness after any meal may be indicative of carbohydrate intolerance because of higher levels of insulin. This would also indicate that your body is burning more sugar and less fat, just the opposite state you want for optimal endurance.

So if you often feel sleepy after meals, it’s time to evaluate, or reevaluate, your eating habits. While sweets are traditionally thought of as providing energy, they are in actuality mentally sedating. Sometimes sweets may give the feeling of a pick-up, but that is very short-lived, until insulin lowers the blood sugar, resulting in more fatigue. If you need a mental pick-up, try eating some protein. A protein-based meal with little or no carbohydrates causes your body to produce less insulin, and provides a higher amount of tyrosine and increased norepinephrine levels. This neurotransmitter has a stimulating effect on the brain.

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