It’s hard for moms to create work / life balance. Does it really exist? How can it be achieved? You need freedom in two areas to balance your life.

In my years of being a dad, employee and entrepreneur I’ve experienced how much harder it is for working moms to really create a situation where work doesn’t conflict with family.

I’ve seen how much middle-income employment has decreased and with it the pay scale. There is less demand for middle-income jobs for mothers due in part to technology. When I was a partner in a large local CPA firm we were always wiling to try different ways to accommodate our working mother employees. These women were bright and caring and did excellent work. They also had families.

Our CPA firm took advantage of technology and when it was appropriate would allow any one in the firm to work from home. This was a boom to the moms that we had working for us.

Unfortunately most jobs do not really function well working from home because you need to be in a certain physical location to perform your job function.

In my opinion the work and life balance for a mom really doesn’t exist because a mom’s job at home is full time. I know many moms who stay home until their children are in school and then go back to work. Yet, the home environment needs what mothers have everyday or the home can suffer.

Mom’s have a special gift that is remarkable. That gift is nurturing, caring and healing and it’s special. Our society mostly learns love and compassion from moms. When women use that gift in the work place they excel at what they do. The value they render is priceless and many give up the pay that they could really earn to sacrifice for the good of their family and children.

The work/life balance for mothers is hard to fully achieve because of one important fact; in the job system used today the mother is controlled by a boss and thus they can never really create the balance.

o-MOM-STRESS-WORKING-MOM-WORKING-MOMS-facebookSingle moms have an extra tough challenge. She is working full time to make ends meet. There’s a ceiling on the amount of money she can make at her current company and has to work full time. She is at a disadvantage because a part of her pay is used to pay for day care unless she is fortunate and has other family members who could care for her young children while she is at work. Her company also requires a graduate degree in order for her to
move beyond her current position and earn more or even be in a position to work less and spend more time with her family.

For her the thought of paying tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for some letters after her name and the potential, not promise, of making a few more thousands per year doesn’t seem to add up. Especially because she will have to take out loans that she’ll be paying back for years to get the advanced degree in the first place. Going to school to earn the degree would rob her of the time needed to create balance with her family.

I admire those mothers who do just that though; work full time and go to school. My good friend Amey D who lives in Florida is one such mother. She has two children in high school and she is going to law school at night and works full time in a real estate office during the day. She’s an amazing and beautiful woman. During her journey Amey’s health has suffered. She has worked herself so hard that she has been hospitalized several times with just pure exhaustion. Balance? Her journey of gaining a law degree is coming at a heavy price.

These women add a TON of value in their life already. They are amazing mothers. They are great at their jobs. They spread sunshine wherever they go.

So what can they do? Can they have more freedom and create the balance?

When I’m asked how to create this balance or to create more income in less time I tell them the only way to achieve more freedom and more income is to own their own business. This is the only way to break free of the control that others exercise over them.

wahm1True freedom and the balance a mother seeks can only be achieved by being in total control of their own situation. Sure mothers who work for benevolent employers may achieve a certain measure of balance but it comes with a price. The price is earning less and not fully being able to break away from work when a need arises. There is no good time frame to render the duties of raising children. When a child needs you, they need you right now. It’s sometimes heartbreaking to have to wait to take care of a child’s needs later when they really need you right away.

Does owning a business for a mother really create total freedom so that a mother could just break away and take care of a family need? While owning a business may not be totally free, at least the mother would be making the choice on her terms instead of that choice being in the hands of a boss.

While owning a traditional brick and mortar business may not be in the grasps of every working mother, especially the young single mother I spoke about, there is one business model that is available. It is the only business model I know of that would work. The business model is network marketing.

Network marketing is a model that in time can earn just as much as a full time job for a mother. The beauty of network marketing is that income can be earned without the mother actually having to spend time in its production. It comes in the form of profits. Also, as other mom’s join the organization and work for their freedom, a share of the sales they generate for the network marketing company is paid to the first working mom. That is true freedom and would allow a mother to be a full time mom and still earn a great income.

When I practiced as a CPA most of my client entrepreneurs, male or female, that owned their own business, didn’t have total freedom. Even in my firm, I worked more than many of my employees. The entrepreneurs that were my clients made great income and could take several weeks off a year but while they were working were tied to the business almost 24/7. Many clients I served got burnt out and ended up selling their “job” to another entrepreneur who wanted to work long hours too.

I’m in a unique situation to have served entrepreneurs. I have been an entrepreneur and now I’m a professional network marketer. I’ve even been an employee. In my 30+ years of doing all of these, by far when you create profits (a.k.a, residual cash flow) from a network marketing business you have total time freedom.

I’ve seen first hand the beautiful lives of many mothers who took the network marketing path and now have a balance that doesn’t compromise their roll as mother at all.

If a mother wants to have total work/life balance and not compromise her role as a mom, the best way is to own a network marketing business.

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