It is important to believe in yourself. But what if you don’t really know who you are? You might believe in something that is false. Belief in a part of you that is really not who you are will cause discord and actually keep you from reaching your true potential.

Learn what’s more important than believing in yourself


John Bradshaw, The Inner Child as Regeneration


It’s more important to discover who you really are than to believe in your (false) self.

Through my own suffering and passing through the darkness I’m discovering who I really am. My inner child, like so many other people’s,  was wounded though receiving my parent’s shame in my life. By discovering who you really are, who that inner child really is and is waiting for you to help him (her), you’ll discover that your belief in yourself will never again have to be developed. So many people say things like, “Be your own best friend” or “Believe in yourself” are missing an important element that needs to be dealt with and that is shame that may be deep inside and hidden. As John Bradshaw so perfectly explains in his video above, our inner child was placed in an environment of caregivers, schools, society and even religions, that attempted to mold it to meet it’s expectations and norms. That’s why we live in a society that is doing everything in it’s power to make you become anything other than who you really are. By exposing the shame and removing it through the method’s taught by John Bradshaw’s 10 part series or from a professional therapist trained in this approach, will allow you to become who you really are. By connecting to your inner child you’ll find out who you really are!


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