The funk feeling sucks. Bored and not excited about jack? Screw getting out of bed? Unfulfilled and low energy have set in.

We’ve all been there, done that. Sometimes it slowly comes upon us as we slide deeper in the haze. Other times it comes on fast like a quick desert thunderstorm. Regardless how you got it you want out!!

The Anti-Funk Shifts

I believe it’s best to do something radical and completely out of the norm to slay the funk. Spontaneity is encouraged and include other people if you can.

Here are some shifts I’ve used to bust the funk.

  1. Go to a gym or exercise facility and do something you’ve never done before. I once was in a rut and went to my gym and did a yoga class. I was not only a fish out of water I was the only male! It was fun!
  2. Go for a drive with a friend. Before you leave take a board game spinner, lay it on the table and spin it. What ever direction the arrow lands is the direction you drive. As you drive either in town or out of town look for new experiences or places to stop and visit. The more out of character the better. You’re shaking your brain up!
  3. If you have a camera or phone camera create a video/picture story. If you like dogs, go to a dog shelter and take touching or funny photos of them. There are many free apps to create a video project to music. The more strange this is to you or uncomfortable that you’ll be using skills to don’t have the better.
  4. Find a recipe that you’ve never tried and create a meal or desert and invite some friends over to eat. Make it fun!
  5. Volunteer to serve. Call a local charity and ask what you can do. Go to a hospital and visit those who may need comforting. Give blood at the local blood bank. Gather old clothes or other unwanted items in you home and give them to charities that have thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army or the Deseret Industries. These charities also need man hours of help that you could spend time serving.


The funk is a symptom of an unchallenged brain. Having big dreams and goals that you’re passionately working towards keeps the brain energized. It responds to creativity and curiosity.

I hope these 5 hacks help. It’s not important that you do any of these. What’s important is that these give you ideas. Just reading this is a great step in overcoming the funk!

Don’t have the funk. Be funky baby!!

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