artwork-templetThe Outward Mindset

“How much larger your life would be if your self could become smaller in it.”


What’s the difference between an outward and inward focused mindset? What mindset do you have? What mindset does your organization have? How can an outward mindset improve your life?


Think of the following people:

  • The three people in your life whom you most like
  • The two people who’ve had the most positive influence on you
  • Your best boss
  • The person who inspires you to do your best
  • Your three favorite coworkers
  • The acquaintance you most respect

As you think about these people, consider why you like them, respond well to them, work hard for them, and revere them. Our guess is that many of the people you are thinking about have this in common: you feel seen by them.

This podcast is about seeing other people with an outward mindset.

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