artwork-templetEnding Personal Suffering & Moving Toward an Abundant Life

“God had one Son on earth without sin. But never one without suffering”


Why do some people seem to have major challenges yet live joyously? What is the cause of your personal suffering? Would you end the personal suffering of others if you could?

Every human being suffers. You’ve suffered in the past. You may be suffering now. And you’re sure to suffer in the future. Suffering is part of life but it doesn’t have to stop you.

I’ll cover the story of a young man suffering from being a human “doing”, only gathering his self worth from filling up a day planner. He doesn’t feel like he is good enough for human connection UNLESS he is perfect.

Some key points:

  • The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety, it’s connection.
  • By loving and accepting yourself unconditionally you’ll be able to feel compassion for others and unconditionally love others.
  • You’ll learn that you can’t be offended by others when you’re able to connect with them with compassion and understanding. You’ll see that everyone is battling the same demon, lack of self love caused by shame and it causes problems with insecurity.
  • All addictions are caused by toxic shame
  • How shame wounds a soul, usually in childhood, and how an ego barrier is created for self preservation.
  • How using the concept of Inner Child can teach you to begin the process of your unconditional love of self.

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