If you have the fear of rejection you are not alone. I’d say at least 90% of the people I’ve talked to about it have this fear. Why is that? Why is that true when we all have the need to feel love and a sense of belonging. You’d think with this need we would all just help each other out and be kind and accepting.

Unfortunately that’s not the case but it could be. I know for me I had an intense fear of rejection and loneliness. I had to discovery how I acquired this fear and then worked to remove it. What I share in the video is almost like my final exam in “Overcoming the Fear of Rejection.” I suppose my journey to overcome it is unique but if you too want to overcome it you have to begin a process of redemption. And there is no overcoming the final test; you’ll have to face your fear and do it.

For me a piece of information and understanding came through the book, Outward Mindset; Seeing Beyond Ourselves, The Arbinger Institute. They offered a perspective that I share in my video as I share my final test; talking to complete strangers at a mall.

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