FacebookpostAm I Enough?

By Michael Lantz

 When you passed the veil to the earth
You knew of your infinite worth
Pure and sweet and ready to gain
You had never experienced the pain of shame.

You knew the risks a life would be
All you wanted was to be free
Mistakes you’d make to learn to be you
You knew it was better to be happy than blue.

Little by little your courage was tested
Some worth was challenged, some growth rested
You asked the question, “Am I enough?”
The caregivers you loved at times were rough.

Yet you overcame and loved your less
Acceptance of your imperfections to progress
No you were not always the best
But you were grateful and passed the test.

The test of self-love of all your flaws
Seemed to be your life of purpose and cause
I am enough you owned in humility
Would hold you steady in mortality.

Life threw you rocks and many darts
But not one could bruise your warrior heart
And what gave you strength to continue true
Your vision of greatness was your only view.

Some of your brothers and sisters had it rough
Their caregivers passed their shame and it made it tough
They didn’t accept their perfect souls
They couldn’t see their greatness but only their holes.

Shame they gave them as their legacy to hold
In time their heart turned from warm to cold
The internalized pain could not be released
Your brothers and sister’s demon became their beast.

That demon was a lack of self unconditional love
The worse disconnection was Father above
Their pain was real they avoided it’s release
Never could they find the freedom of peace.

Pretending to be not at all them self
Rejection was hard they felt alone on a dark shelf
Deep inside their body without it’s smile
When the light of God called their inner child.

This child while layered over with shame
Has the ability to heal with the self-love flame
It takes accepting all their weaknesses toll
Yes I am enough, I’m not incomplete but totally whole.

Healing begins when they started to believe
Back in time they went the hurt inner child to grieve
As the inner child begins anew to grow
Life starts to happen and peace begins to flow.

The values they hold dear and inside the child
Is not rushed and never reckless or dangerously wild
Giving all their focus on God and His grace
Any new pain goes away with his healing brace.

In the completion of healing the shame goes away
Never again will they feel they have to stray
When they complete this new process each day
They express their gratitude and always pray.

Again they pass the veil to the earth
They now know their infinite worth
Pure and sweet and ready to gain
They’ll never again experience the pain of shame.

About the Author Michael Lantz (Big Papa)

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