umbrella_wide-ef0baf5371d9dc5f51ba3acd814a10c5c6153386-s900-c85Money and joy when linked can create more of both. No amount of money can insure your joy nor joy insure money. But when joy is present the amount of income you can create is endless following this one law.

I listened to JohnAddison, retired CEO of Primerica and one of the editors of Success Magazine describe his experience of dealing with Wall Street tycoons as he was taking Primerica through it’s successful IPO in 2015. He said he had to experience billionaires who were miserable. I thought to myself that joy and money are not exclusive because in this instant joy wasn’t needed to create great wealth. But that conclusion was not what I really believed. I believed that joy and income are linked.  I had to dwell on this before the light went off in my head. I realized that these billionaires were holding them self back by not being joyful. While it was true they were able to create billions being miserable and without joy, they could have created much more wealth with joy.

What is Joy?

It’s a very powerful emotion. It’s a peace in knowing you’re living toward your purpose and why you were created. It’s an emotion you feel when you let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you really are. It’s an emotion that is linked to other aspects of life. Such as having joy in serving others,  the joy of friendship, the joy of health and even the joy of money. Joy is a state of being that you know you have it and also when you lose it because of the hallow, lacking and unfulfilled feeling. Joy doesn’t impede progress. In fact, joy enhances progress.

According to some dictionaries they say joy is pleasure and happiness. While one could have joy as they were experiencing pleasure and happiness, one could also have joy while experiencing suffering, therefor joy is not pleasure, happiness or suffering. Those three are more temporary and joy is long-term and a more permanent state.

The word passion gives us a clue of the state of joy.

In Kevin Hall’s book, Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words, describes the true meaning of the word passion.

“The word ‘passion’ first surfaced in the twelfth century. Coined by Christian scholars, it means to suffer. In its purest sense it describes the willing suffering of Christ. Passion doesn’t mean just suffering for suffering’s sake; it must be pure and willing suffering.

[The words] “passion” and “path” have similar roots: the word “path” is a suffix that means suffering from.  We have doctors called pathologists. They study the illnesses and diseases that humans suffer. Then [Kevin] revealed a link between suffering, or passion, and sacrifice. The word ‘sacrifice’ comes from the Latin ‘sacra,’ which means sacred, and ‘fice,’ which means to perform. To sacrifice is to perform the sacred. At its essence ‘passion’ is sacred suffering.

Even though it has become popular to define passion as deep or romantic love, the real meaning is being willing to suffer for what you love. When we discover what we are willing to pay a price for, we discover our life’s mission and purpose.”

I believe one has to have a passion for joy. One must be willing to suffer to find joy and create their state of being with it.

The Link between Joy and the Creation of Income

Protect the EarthI’ve always gained insight to the creation of wealth and income from others who have been successful. I’ve had the pleasure to know several such people who have both joy and wealth. In a recent conversation I had with Dave MacArthur (see his podcasts at I asked him what came first, earning over a million dollars a year or joy. He quickly answered, “Joy came first. In fact, I had to believe I had already earned the million dollars before I actually earned it. The same holds true with joy. I have to create joy in my life before I can actually experience the fruits of it.” I then asked him what was more important, earning the million dollars or the type of person he became earning the wealth. Again answering quickly said, “I love the person I am first and foremost over any money I’ve earned.”

In Dave’s story there is a truth and clue to joy and earning income. Joy is a state of being that is created regardless of any income you might create. The creation of income is also the same. Income first must be a state of being before any income is created.

You might be asking then how joy and income are linked?

There is a law that governs the creation of anything in our life. It’s the Law of Receiving. The Law states that we must first give to others that which we desire before we can receive it for ourself. Yet the vast majority of the world believes they must “get” their income. The getting of anything is why the billionaires on Wall St were miserable. While they probably exercised a great deal of the Law of Receiving, i.e., they had to give first before they received, it was done in context to “getting.” They had to preform with a certain expectation, probably in a written contract, and after they performed, they would receive their compensation as agreed upon. This is mostly how people interact with their employer. They perform 40 hours of work in a week to receive an amount agreed upon in advance. In this process of “getting” their is no joy. I’m not at all suggesting that one can’t have joy by being employed. On the contrary. If one has joy they fully give of them self while working and usually end up earning more. Yet employees who follow “getting” are usually without the joy I speak about.

With joy, the Law of Receiving works even better. Because joyful service causes one to exercise more faith in humanity. More faith in God, the ultimate source of all wealth. With joy one willingly gives to others that which he or she desires for them self. The joy causes the service to be done without expectation of immediate return from the service for those served. Because the Law of Receiving will work every time, while those people that were served willingly and with passion may not be able to return a just compensation right now or even ever, the wealth, income, or blessings will eventually be received by the giver.

Joyful service imparts way more than the tangible reward to the benefactor. The benefactor also receives a part of your joy through your heart. They actually receive much more than they bargained for because they receive a part of your love too. They feel loved which is needed far above money or other tangible forms that your service may provide. It is in this type of service that joy is spread and deeply and profoundly adds value to others.

The Law of Receiving always works. When one gives joy and their passion to another, in addition to a tangible product or service, the joy and service will be returned seven fold or more! When I interviewed Dave I asked him how the Law of Receiving works when the wealth seemingly comes from those you didn’t serve. Dave said that is where faith and joy connect. The “how to” are rarely ever known a head of time. Look at the power of the Internet for an example. The power of technology and the Internet has created a tremendous boost in productivity. The Internet connects all of us together. Most of those earning a great deal of money from the Internet first joyfully give away a great deal of value without knowing how the wealth will be returned. As consumers are linked and discover the value that one is offering, far more than the perceived price, they make a purchase and the giver ultimately receives!

Final Note

The more I’ve practiced joy in the creation of income, the more I’ve received. It was a scary act in the beginning to give valuable information away because like so many I only knew how to “get” my share. As I wanted joy in my life and learned these truths I shared with you the more wealth and income I’ve received.

Be joyful! Have joy in your journey. Be passionate to find and create joy even if you have to suffer to gain it by giving it away!

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