When ever I hear the word “but” in a sentence it makes me wonder what’s up and will I agree with the opinion. But since it’s my opinion I will agree.

There are 5 foods that probably aren’t good for us but who cares because we’re eating them anyway.

#1 A peanut butter and jelly sandwich

#2 Chocolate in any form (it’s really the sugar but who cares)

#3 Hot tamales (I’ll bet that one surprised you)

#4 Ice Cream

#5 A big hot dog

Kid food that will expose the child in you the rest of your life. There are several of these that would be good combinations. I think #4 and #5 makes a major league baseball game enjoyable. Of course #1 would work with #2.

You probably have your own favorite combination.

I know you may not agree with these five, but it’s my blog.


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