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You’re probably like me and heard of ketosis, the Adkins® diet and making your fat burn but didn’t understand really what it was. Up to a few months ago I had only a cursory understanding of the low-carb approach. Many years ago I actually thought I was doing the Adkins® diet and gave up carbs for meat. I failed on the diet because one, I was eating way to much protein and two, the Adkin’s flu, also known as Keto Flu or Ketogenic Flu made me feel like crud and I decided it wasn’t worth it.

During 2013 to 2015 I started to gain weight and worse perhaps was I bonked on the bike in each of my Ironman triathlons. Bonking means that my glucose (sugar) stores in my blood dropped so low my brain was worried it wouldn’t have what it needed and said, “You’re done racing hard. I’m shutting you down to a snail’s pace.” I didn’t know it at the time that that’s what was actually happening.

I’m racing in Ironman Arizona this November 2017 and started formal training on January 1, 2017. I went on a massive weight loss diet starting in December (I know, how dumb to waste a December on a diet). At the beginning of December I was 208. I did every thing that used to work and after all, I’m a weight loss professional. At the end of December, drum roll please, I released a whooping “ONE” pound.

I was not disappointed because that had also happened to me in 2015. This time though, I went to work to find a better solution.

I found my issue; Insulin Resistance. What I discovered was Ketones.

A Better Solution

After many hours in research into ketosis I discovered that it was really quite natural and the way our bodies are hard wired. We are wired to go without food. It’s in our DNA. What happens without glucose (sugars a.k.a. carbohydrates), the brain’s fuel in the absence of Ketones, is we move into a state of ketosis. This is where the liver begins to burn fat (triglycerides) to make ketone bodies (beta-Hydroxybutyric) to feed the brain and heart. This is why you thought ketosis was fat burning. You can create that state in your body two primary ways; fasting and going without food, or restricting carbohydrates (ketogenic) and going to a low-carb, high-fat diet.

The Man on the White Horse: Exogenous Ketones

I started my keto journey about the first of February. In January I started a lame attempt to restrict carbohydrates and once again the Keto flu kicked my butt. I started to supplement with exogenous ketones, i.e. I consumed ketone bodies that were produced outside of my own liver. These exogenous ketones…..drum roll please…..put me in a state of mild ketosis, my brain got it’s happy fuel and I started to burn fat.

Ketogenic Hero Results

About the beginning of April I’ve embraced a full ketogenic diet and have restricted carbohydrates to about 40 grams a day and I’m fueling mostly with fat. I’m now constantly in a state of ketosis, just as if I were fasting. My body is producing good quantities of ketones. As of the date of this blog post on May 7, 2017 my weight is 185 pounds and I’ve really never felt better! I’m excited about racing in November as a thin athlete. The best part is, the ketogenic diet has made me “fat adapted”, i.e., 90+% of body’s fuel is fat and I plan on racing 12+ hour Ironman Arizona without the need for carbohydrates and going hard the whole time because my brain will have it’s happy ketone fuel.

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, The Man Who Rides the Ketone White Horse

If you have any interest in this thing called ketogenic and how it can provide many health benefits other than the obvious weight loss, listen to Doc on podcast.


What’s Next?

I’ve tested two brands of exogenous ketones and one, through the exact same Ketone testing meter Dr. D’Agostino refers to, Abbot Labs “Precision Xtra”, delivered more ketones at 40-80% less cost.

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