Trust is one thing. Being trustworthy is another.

A liar can at times be trusted. A trustworthy man can always be trusted.

Where does being trustworthy come from?

Keeping promises. One at a time.

I’d rather make only one promise and keep it than a bunch of promises and only keep one.

One aspect that has always worked for me in building business relationships is only make one promise to someone and make sure I keep it.

You might feel like me when someone makes outlandish promises knowing they will never be able to keep them; “They won’t come through. I’ve heard that story way to many times.”

It seems to me people who are insecure about themselves make big promises in the hope you affirm them. Then when they don’t keep their promises exposes the fear they had in the first place that they were hiding their true character.

Earn trust and become trustworthy, one kept promise at a time.


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