I’ve had my kids try and explain certain things to me that they could understand but I couldn’t. “Oh, dad!” they’d exclaim.

I understand things that I wished my kids would let me teach them. “Dad, that’s old stuff!” they’d roll their eyes back in their heads.

I’m sure you totally understand certain things that you wished everyone could see as clearly as you.

When I finally understand a truth it’s really a blessing to me. I’m sure you feel the same way.

I like the quote, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

It seems to me that the key for me to teach the truth to my children is recognizing when they are ready to be taught. Usually I know they are ready when they ask me for advice or help (I like it when they tell me how smart I really am when they learn to deal with their own children). At other times when they may be struggling and I have knowledge that will help them I’ll simply ask, “I used to struggle with that too. I don’t anymore. Would you be open to learning what I did?” Almost always they will say yes.

I’m sure why you see things that others don’t is that you were once the “student” who was ready to learn. You either found a teacher or the teacher somehow found you.

Now I know why blind people can see better than those with sight. It’s that “ready to learn” pair of glasses.

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