The word independence means, “the fact or state of being independent.”

How can we be independent and dependent?

Our Country this great day declared our independence from the Queen of England and became a great nation in 1776. Yet, while we the people have an independent nation, the nation itself is dependent on its citizens, laws and Constitution.

I’ve met many people, who declare, “I’m an independent person.” I used to be one of them.

What I learned is that by seeking personal independence I gave up one of my most valuable attributes I learned in childhood; dependence.

Just like our nation is dependent on its people, I learned I need to be dependent on people too. The dependence I needed in my life was on receiving the one thing I need most and I couldn’t receive it of my own; love and connection.

Being independent I was always having to rely on myself. That only made me lonely. I’ve learned to be dependent on others for everything. My greatest dependence is on God.  As I learned to lead others, I also learned that I need them in order to further my missions on this planet. I’ve learned that being dependent is a desirable trait for it allows me compassion for others and the blessing of seeing other’s gifts bless lives including my own.

Have a great Independence Day! Celebrate and have fun! Enjoy the blessings of all those that love and care for you!

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