When you were younger and cut calories you could drop a few pounds with ease. Right? Now getting older that doesn’t work as well or maybe not at all. You sadly say to yourself, “I’ve got to get to the gym.” (You really hate to sweat and workout in front of everyone) You see what some others your age are doing with cleanses and think you need to check that out but don’t want to be pooping all the time.

You don’t like to feel hungry all the time and at nights you can’t help yourself and eat a half (or full like I used to) a bag of salt and vinegar chips? You are not alone.

The prevalence of Americans are insulin resistant.


Insulin Resistant (IR)

Let me make this really simple (it is actually). Before I understood this if someone would have asked me what insulin does I would have shrugged my shoulders and said, “That has something to do with diabetes?”

You eat carbohydrates. They create blood sugar (glucose). Your pancreas releases insulin into the blood with the glucose. It’s a hormone that acts as a key. The insulin opens up glucose receptors in working cells that need the glucose to burn as fuel for those cells (like muscles).

If your muscle’s insulin receptors quit working effectively and turn their nose up against the insulin, the blood sugar passes by and ends up in your liver to create more fat. Because only a portion of the blood sugar actually makes it into a cell you have to actually eat more carbohydrates to provide fuel to your body.

What’s happening then is, your brain, which also needs glucose and it’s going to be fed before your muscles, sends a signal to you and says, “We need more glucose because your muscles are to stupid to accept insulin and perfectly good glucose is passing by and going around into your mid-section as fat and we need to eat. Feel hungry and go get the bag of salt and vinegar chips.”

You may be thinking, “Why can’t I just use the fat as fuel?”

That’s actually a great question and shows how smart you are!

miss-snooty-13807327As your muscles become insulin resistant (turning it’s nose up at insulin it becomes resistant to it and thus the name) your pancreas creates more and more insulin.

Now the answer to your question.

When to much insulin is in your blood, fat storage is turned on and fat burning is turned off.

Science has yet to figure out why this happens. Yet the symptoms of insulin resistance are seen all throughout America and the world in the form of obesity, heart disease, cancer and many other ailments. Last year 37% of American adults were obese and over 70% are overweight.

Oh yea, over the last several decades Americans eat 240 calories MORE a day in the form of carbohydrate. Do you see the correlation?

What Can You Do?

First, find out if you are (or even think you are) insulin resistant. Here is a link to explore that. 

If you think you are you may want to be tested to see if you have diabetes.

Second, the only predicable solution is to go on a low-carb diet. What low-carb diet does is reduce the amount of insulin in your blood and it turns on fat burning and turns off fat storage. This is called ketosis.

Now you know. I hope you’re not IR. If you are, like I am, life is about to get better! I never thought I’d say this but being on a low-carb diet I’ve never felt better.

You can too!

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