When I practiced as a CPA I specialized working with entrepreneurs of small and highly profitable businesses. These entrepreneurs were titled, “Rugged Individualist” by Dan Sullivan, noted business coach. I was one of them. We all worked long hours, took all the risk on ourselves and could never duplicate and leverage ourselves.

In time the “rugged” wore me out and I knew it was madness to continue. No amount of money would ever make me happy if I had to slave 60+ hour weeks with limited time off.

I searched for a better model and I found it.

The revenue model of network marketing (NM) works very well! There are five main reasons it worked for me, and millions others too.

  1. It supports anyone’s skill level, from none to expert.
  2. If you want to only be a customer of the products, you can still be rewarded with wholesale pricing.
  3. If you only want to share your good results with a few friends and family members, you can earn a little bonus.
  4. If you want to share with others part-time, you might actually earn enough, over time, to replace your full-time income at a fraction of the time of full-time employment. Many in this category earn $10,000 to over a six-figure annual income.
  5. If you go after it and run it like a full-time business, you can achieve a 6 or 7-figure annual lifetime income.

I started in 2006 as a customer of a NM company and over the first four years I was in the 3rd category. That worked well for me. I earned about $1,500 sharing my good results with about 20 people when they would ask me how I lost weight and had more energy.

In 2010 after the 2009 financial crash I moved to the 4th category. In my fifth part-time year, 2015, I cracked a multiple six-figure annual income. I look at these years as my apprenticeship because I made many mistakes but learned a great deal. This time also gave me time to fully recovery from my addiction as I spent time working on me while only keeping a watchful eye on my business in 2016. It also allowed me to sell my investment advisory practice and race and train full time for the Ironman triathlon.

In late 2016 I elevated to the 5th category and now am fully running my network marketing unit as a big full-time business.

I love helping others grow. I love seeing health restored. I love seeing success and how others begin to also help others as they find purpose in their life, often for the very first time. Just like me!!

I’ve been involved in the field and profession of network marketing for a decade. Since moving to category 4 in 2010 the revenue model has rewarded me with close to a million dollars in income and allowed me to become a good person, friend and servant to others while granting my dream to compete in the Ironman.

When I hear people, the skeptics, judge and belittle NM, I know that they missed the point. If a broken soul like me can do this well, anyone can.

That’s why I believe its the best revenue model in America today.

About the Author Michael Lantz (Big Papa)

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