I’m not real big on resolutions. The vast majority of people that set them do not accomplish them.

Why Don’t You Accomplish Your Resolutions

Give yourself a pat on the back for wanting to change your life and setting resolutions. Perhaps you’ve set them in the past and actually accomplished them. If so, a big shout out to you!

The reason people fail to achieve their goal is simple. Let me use the following analogy.

Vessels full of vinegar

If you wanted to store vinegar, you’d store it in a “vessel” made for it. It wouldn’t be fancy, after all, it’s storing vinegar and not wine. Everyone would know it was vinegar because of the shape of the vessel. Every time you opened the top and began to pour, vinegar would always come out. Wine would never pour out of a vinegar vessel.

wine vessel
An ancient wine vessel

On the other hand, you’d only store your best wine in a vessel that was worthy of its sweet taste. Anciently, handcrafted vessels stored only the best wine. Then whenever anyone poured from it, they would expect only the best flavor.

The Analogy regarding your resolutions:

A resolution is only wishing you’d pour wine from a vinegar vessel.

A resolution is only the behavior you’d wish to have. A study of unwanted behavior will only lead to more of the unwanted behavior. The key to actually acomplishing your resolutions goal is creating a vessel that would create the desired behavior.

The #1 Best Resolution Strategy

The best way to actually achieve your resolutions is to change you and let the new you change your behavior. To change you, first start to create new beliefs about who you really are. When you believe you are a new vessel then you’ll begin to pour out the sweet wine of flavorful behavior. 

Let’s look at what I mean by sharing an example in my life after I learned this method.

In December of 2005, I was wrestling with my health. I knew I needed to change it. I knew what my poor behaviors were; sedentary and was eating the wrong foods and drinks. Yet, whenever I felt like exercise, I’d resort back to the couch and declare, “I’ll do it later.” And then every time I drank another caffeine and sugar-laced drink, knowing full well that this behavior was unhealthy, I’d justify it saying to myself, “I’m so out of shape that this is the only thing that gives me energy.” Then when I became hungry instead of going to the kitchen and make a healthy meal, I’d rush off to Panda Express and load up sugar laced sweet and sour pork, after all, “I don’t have time to make something healthy.”

I had to first believe I was healthy before I could change my behavior. For years in the past, I’d set resolutions and would end up quitting before the end of January.

I started by writing down my affirmations; a statement about my new beliefs. The belief statement I wrote, “I’m a world-class athlete!” I would repeat this multiple times a day. I would write it out in my journal and share my own thoughts about what it meant to me and how I’d feel.

To my amazement, in 2006 I found not only a way to eat better but also the Ironman triathlon. Now twelve years later my health is off the charts and I’m training to become an Ironman World Champion. You can say my behaviors are flowing from the vessel, “I’m a world-class athlete.”

Steps to Change Your Belief

  1. Create emotional and powerful affirmations that start with the words, “I am ____________ [fill in the blank]. They have to be attached to goals that create a positive and strong emotion. They can be related to health, money, fitness, relationships or career or any other thing you want to happen.
  2. Repeat them out loud and in front of a mirror. Say them like you mean it. Say them with passion.
  3. Repeat them at least daily and more.
  4. Keep a journal and focus on the feelings you’d have after accomplishing that state of being.
  5. Now set behavior goals of accomplishing your affirmation and the time frame they will be completed.

These steps give way to the brain’s way of productive creation.

Why Affirmations Work

Your brain has a conscious and sub-conscious components. You control the very powerful sub-conscious by controlling your conscious.

The powerful truth that can change your life:

The sub-conscious mind can achieve anything and it doesn’t know what is real and make believe.

When you “consciously” state an affirmation, such as me stating, “I’m a world-class athlete.” the powerful sub-conscious mind thinks that it is real. Then it goes to work for you. It only knows what you tell it, i.e., the vessel, and it creates your behavior of the state of the affirmation.

When I affirmed that “I am a world-class athlete.” my sub-conscious mind found ways to lose weight (I released 50 lbs in about 60 days), discovered the Ironman triathlon, and found a way for me to train like a world-class athlete by helping me earn income when I was sleeping. I’ve not eaten at Panda Express or drank a sugary energy drink in twelve years! No wonder Panda’s stock price dropped, I was their biggest customer!

What’s Next for You?

Susan Sly, a top trainer and consultant to major corporations, uses this method

I’m convinced the method works and is based on principles. There is a tremendous amount of science to back it up and all the top mind coaches teach it. The Bible has many verses to support it such as Proverbs 23:7 (KJV), “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:”

Good luck this year. Although using the method, you won’t need luck because you already have the vessel you need inside you! Pour your wine!

About the Author Michael Lantz (Big Papa)

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