Let’s face it, there is no easy way to remove a relationship from your life without there being some emotion. However, tough the conversation will be, keeping them a part of your life would be more painful. Sometimes it’s best to cut ties.

Or is it?

I offer some ideas that may work for you in my YouTube post today.

It’s always a tough conversation to have a person that you want to drop from your life. You don’t want to offend them but you know they will not be happy. How then can you make this work?

You have to ask yourself some questions.

Why do I want to drop them? Am I the problem or are they the problem?

Why don’t I want to face a tough conversation?

Why do they seem to be difficult, non-supportive, negative or their values changed?

What’s going in their life to cause this behavior?

In the tough conversation, you’ll only want to describe how you feel. It’s usually best to explain to them how their actions made you feel. Never judge them or offer a reason you think they changed. When you don’t judge them, they may actually offer you what’s going on in their life to have caused those behaviors. You may discover they acted a certain way toward you because of something you did or perceived by them that you did.

Bottom line: Always be honest and face the tough conversation.


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