Papa’s Protein Fat Bombs

Dry Ingredients
2 tbls (or more) Swerve
2 tbls Chia seeds
4 tbs Coconut flour
2 tbls Almond flour
1 tbls MACA powder
½ C Raw coconut flakes
3 Scoops Isagenix Isapro Whey protein (purchase below)

Wet Ingredients
½ C Almond butter (I’m allergic to almonds and made Pecan Butter)
½ C Coconut butter (I used coconut cream instead)
2 tbls Coconut oil melted
2 tbls non dairy milk (I used Flax oil milk)

Chocolate topping
2 tbls Cocoa butter melted
2 tbls Cocoa powder
4 tbls Swerve

Mix dry ingredients in a larger bowl. Mix wet ingredients in smaller bowl. Combine all ingredients together. Mash in a 9×13 pan with parchment paper lining. Pour hot chocolate topping and then refrigerate. After it’s chilled, cut into smaller bars and keep in the refrigerator. Need a pick me up during the day, enjoy!

To Purchase Isagenix IsaPro Whey protein

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