Who doesn’t want more energy? If you don’t want more energy then you may click off this post right now!

I love more energy! In fact, there’s not a ceiling on the amount I want! You too?

There are two forms of energy and yet most people only focus on one form; physical. The other form that most people never think as energy is mental energy.

Watch my short video for four ways to increase your energy level.


Mental energy:

Everyone starts with 100 units of mental energy daily.

Stress and worry will eat into this level and can drain it right after you get out of bed. It’s obvious that eliminating stress and worry will reallocate your 100 units to more productive endeavors.

You can actually increase you allocated units by living a purpose-filled life of joy and peace. Purpose, joy, and peace will actually increase your allocated units to two or three hundred percent!

Physical energy:

Reduce carbohydrates to 100 g per day.

Increase the amount of fat you eat.

Eat enough protein within a range of 0.7 to 0.9 times your lean body mass will equal the number of grams of protein to eat daily. Eating more than this range you’ll run the risk of the excess being turned back into glucose.

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