I started to detox my body in 2006 by cleansing and fasting. I’ve been doing this for 12 years. It’s become a habit and I feel way better than at any time in my life.

In the short video, I go into some detail about how to both cleanse and fast. Below the video, I recommend a product and protocol.


Do you suffer from brain fog, tiredness or no pep in your life?

Did you know that environmental toxins find there way into your body from the food you eat (pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones), the water you drink and bathe in, and the air you breathe. The body does its best to remove all of them and when it can’t, it stores them in your fat cells.

Many of these toxins are known cancer-causing agents. Cancer is the second leading killer in America today.

Removing these toxins can lead to better health in the form of weight loss, more energy, substantial improved mental clarity and an overall better feeling.

Learn more about cleansing and fasting and download my free guide here: https://healthisahabit.live/my-solutions-for-you/your-health-path/ultimate-fasting-method/

Purchase Cleanse For Life®

To learn more and purchase the product I’ve used for 12 years to aid in cleansing, click here and be sure to sign up and save (wholesale pricing at 25% off retail): https://teamtriumphant.isagenix.com/products/individual/cleanse-for-life

I recommend the Single Serve 2-Oz bottles.

Follow this 6 step protocol

  1. Drink one 2-oz bottle of Cleanse for Life for 7 days in a row.
  2. On day 8, begin to fast for 60 hours, drinking water and consuming your vitamins. Drinking the 2-oz bottle of Cleanse for Life is optional during your fast. It works well with or without it.
  3. Break your fast with a good healthy meal.
  4. Continue drinking one 2-oz bottle of Cleanse for life for 9 more days. (You have 16 bottles in the box of the Single Serving 2-oz servings.
  5. Fast for another 60 hours.
  6. Break your fast with a good healthy meal.

Feel amazing!


To make fasting easier, consider 1 to 2 servings of ketones from www.ketond.com. These ketones will move you to a state of ketosis faster and crunch any hunger you may be feeling during your fast.

Please accept my gift to you!

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