I’ve been really seeing more and more of this today. I believe I was once an Internet addict too and as I recovered I began to be open to more truth. I see it all around me. I see friends all sitting together and all of them are locked in on their devices.

When I recovered from my several addictions in 2016 I learned one very valuable truth; our top two needs as humans are “love” and “connection.” Is there any wonder why companies are selling software to get a person more “likes” or “comments” on their Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? Is there any wonder how FaceBook has numbed our brain to look at your “likes” as a way to affirm a person so they can deliver a paid ad to the viewer? In my opinion, some of that is manipulation.

The reality is this. A connection is needed to build a healthy frontal brain lob. An addict, of any kind, is totally disconnected from others. In fact, can you tell me what the opposite of addiction is? Most will say it’s sobriety. But that’s false. The opposite of addiction is connection. That really explains the “addiction” to Social Media. There is no connection there that will build a healthy frontal brain lob like the actual eye to eye connection between two human beings. Thus those addicted to their smartphones keep seeking a false love and connection from their social media engagement in the form of likes and comments. How awful is that for anyone to believe their self-worth is only based on the number of people engaging with them on social media?

If you’ve been on Facebook then you’ve witnessed people who seek affirmation by asking for prayers on their behalf or they will post how life has turned on them and want you to comment. I don’t judge anyone’s motives for asking for a prayer however for some people it’s a lot. Not just an occasional request during a tough time.

There is then the other side of this coin. There are those only showing others their fake life of fun, travel or only the good stuff in their life. They too are seeking affirmation and hiding their imperfections. They don’t think others would connect to them with a like or comment if they aren’t perfect. This was me on Social Media for a very long time. In my addicted state, I needed the likes and comments. I never showed other who I really was, partially because I didn’t know my true self.

The video was very honest to me. I respect each of those who spoke.

I’ve begun to devote some of my attention to ways I can help others create a life they love. Of course, a big part in creating this kind of life is to have true love and connection with other human beings, including themselves.  However, if they are addicted to the crowd (codependent), food, drugs, alcohol, sex, work, exercise or a host of other addictions, they are disconnected from real people and lack the abundant hope and fulfillment that could be gained by a real connection.

I don’t have all the answers. I have lots of questions though and this video at least affirmed my observations.

I hope you’ll leave a comment below about your feelings about this topic.



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