It is possible to run injury free! Yet the vast majority of runners have an inefficient run gait and are at a higher risk to sustain a run injuries including developing a sore lower back and possibly arthritis in the knee and hip, the three areas of the body that take the brunt of the force because of landing incorrectly and inefficiently.

I’ve had my share of running injuries because of:

Landing on my heel and sending a massive force and shock waves up to my knee and hip.

PUSHING  or LAUNCHING OFF the back leg to propel me forward. This becomes very tiring and it’s actually the cause of heel striking.

In the video, I’ll introduce you to a term: Run Pose. This is a position every runner obtains during their gait (see the many brief instructional videos on the Run Pose method YouTube channel below). The question is how long (the inefficiency phase of running) does it take them to get there after their front foot lands.

When I first started to change my gait it would take me seven full video frames from the time my foot landed (heel strike) until my body was in the run pose. In the video, you’ll see how much I’ve improved and where my goal is.



Learn more about the Run Pose method by going to their YouTube site. Click here.

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