I’m Happy That You’ve Landed Here. Let’s get it on!

Enjoying a healthy body, strong mind, and a life full of rich experiences has to excite you! Deep down you want to live on purpose, doing what you want and when you want to do it.

Many of those who belong to my community really want to make a difference, be significant and contribute to others and especially to their families.

Does that sound like you?

Maybe you’re here because you’re not quite there yet and are looking for solutions. Many who seek my solutions fall into some of these dangers and struggles:

They are working so much and playing so little.

They’ve tried several different health solutions, mainly with their diet, and still, don’t have the energy they seek or have lost the unwanted pounds.

They are unfulfilled in some areas of their life. Perhaps your employment really doesn’t fit your desires or talents. Maybe you’d like to be more active but your fitness level, or the time to devote to it, is lacking. You have a sense where your passion lies, maybe you can even see it, yet life’s struggles always get in the way.

I can relate. I was once there too. Thankfully I found the solutions to really live on purpose and today I’m on a mission to help people just like you create the life you’ll love.

A Starting Place That Works

Honestly, people will never find their Holy Grail of Tranquility. Why is that? Because along the journey is pain and suffering. Not just for some. For everyone.

The truth is that most avoid all pain and suffering and always seek pleasure. It’s in this kind of life that has created a nation (and really a world) full of unfulfilled and unhappy people.

This attitude of pleasure seeking is going to further deteriorate people’s health and they fall in the 52.4% that are either diabetic or pre-diabetic, gaining weight and losing freedom. Going down this slippery path that frankly, I think the big power brokers want you on (big food companies, the drug companies and our sick care industry, debt pushers), people will fall prey to a lot of suffering, divorce, being disconnected to those they need and not experiencing health, joy and peace.

The vast majority in our country, statistically about 95%, will never earn an income really sufficient to make ends meet. It’s really stressful to have financial worries and I’ve seen it’s effect in people partaking of harmful actions to temporarily numb their pain, like eating pleasure food, going into debt to buy things they really can’t afford and in the worse case, become addicted to these actions. I know that temporary pleasure, while just that, temporary, kills joy and most people don’t even realize it.

I want you to reset your life on a new and better trajectory. It’s my gift to you to help you begin a new journey. In the 5-week reset guide based upon my The 5 Break Through Strategies™, I even have a story you’ll love about Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz that you’ll relate to!

Create the Life You Love; Healthy Body, Strong Mind, and Rich Experiences!

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The 5 Break Free Strategies™ are the strategies taught in The 5-Week Reset & Turnaround™ and Live Your Dream programs.


Let’s Do This Together

wizard_primaryDorothy, of the Wizard of Oz, had several companions that made the journey with her. As you’ll read in The 5 Break Free Strategies™ her journey is really all about her finding out who she really was. My role in your journey is multidimensional; I’m the Lion when you need to find your courage, I’m the Tin Man when you need to find your compassion and heart, I’m the Scarecrow when you need to discover the wisdom that already exists in you. It’s my job to allow you access to your personal Glinda, the Good Witch of the North. When you attach yourself to your personal Life Force and your Why, you’ll have the secret to the motivating force the hyper-wealthy use to begin to build freedom.

A Little About Me

As I go into more detail in the two guides, my why is from my dad. His hopeless eyes as he passed away in my arms from cancer are permanently etched in my mind and soul. When I need to draw strength and to shield the fiery darts of discouragement that are occasionally shot at me, I visualize my dad and why I’m on this earth in the first place.

He is the reason I prepared the complete program The 5-Week Reset & Turnaround™ and want to give it away free. I never want anyone to lose hope like my dad. Many have thanked me for their own turnarounds. I always express my gratitude and tell them to really thank my dad.

After my dad passed in 1998 my life was on an unfortunate declining trajectory. In 2006  I was turning 50 and realized I was packing a bunch of extra weight and was on the exact same path as dad. I tried several fad diets and each failed. Then I went on the offensive and began to discover the real health truths for me.

I feel better now than at any time of my life (I’m a youthful age 61) and I’m not willing to sit back and stay the same. I’ll keep trying new things because my health is my number one priority. I compete in the Ironman triathlon (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and a 26.2-mile run) and I have a goal to be a World Champion in my age group and the fastest 60 something on the planet! Old people rock (it’s always rewarding when I pass some 30 year old on my bike or running)!

Together, let’s overcome the lousy voices you may hear telling you that you are not good enough. I want to be with you as you shed the fears, shame and insecurities that others have wanted to you have in order to live with them in the ‘crowd’ and only being a number. You’re a magnificent creation! You were created to stand out! I started this website/blog well before I knew what I was even doing but felt a voice telling me to share it. So that’s what I’ve done. And look, you are now reading this! How cool is that?

11139004_10206800622923705_4182236138236337767_nI was born and raised and currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m married and have four sons and six grandchildren. Each is a joy in my life!


What a great experience crossing the finish line with thousands of cheering fans at the World Championship!

One of my heroes is Sir Edmund Hillary, best known for being the first to scale Mt Everest on 29 May 1953, at 29,029 feet, the highest spot on earth. Like Sir Edmund, I wanted to accomplish something way bigger than I ever could imagine, an Ironman Triathlon. The Ironman Triathlon is a test of will and a goal driven purpose-filled sport pitting my resolve against the voices of pain telling me to stop. Sir Edmund had those same voices of doubt and naysayers telling him to stop too. I’m grateful he didn’t because his accomplishment gave me the courage to finish too! With awesome health and the time to train like a professional triathlete, I have finished a total of 15 Ironman distance triathlons (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26.2-mile marathon run). On October 10, 2015, at age 59, I was able to accomplish one of my greatest dreams as a triathlete, the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii! I imagine that I might have felt the same as Sir Edmund on top of Mt. Everest!

Currently, I’m training to compete (and hopefully win my age bracket) in Ironman Santa Rosa (California) in May 2019. My goal is another Mt Everest; a win in Santa Rosa and then to win an Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii in October of 2019.

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