Fat bombs & a beautiful desert ride!

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  • Swimming faster
  • Level of ketosis after training hard
  • My son’s coming home safe from Iraq
  • My happy place riding in the desert
  • Keep my knowledge level high
  • Awesome fat bombs!


Two Awesome Energy Hacks!

Who doesn’t want more energy? If you don’t want more energy then you may click off this post right now!

I love more energy! In fact, there’s not a ceiling on the amount I want! You too?

There are two forms of energy and yet most people only focus on one form; physical. The other form that most people never think as energy is mental energy.

Watch my short video for four ways to increase your energy level.


Mental energy:

Everyone starts with 100 units of mental energy daily.

Stress and worry will eat into this level and can drain it right after you get out of bed. It’s obvious that eliminating stress and worry will reallocate your 100 units to more productive endeavors.

You can actually increase you allocated units by living a purpose-filled life of joy and peace. Purpose, joy, and peace will actually increase your allocated units to two or three hundred percent!

Physical energy:

Reduce carbohydrates to 100 g per day.

Increase the amount of fat you eat.

Eat enough protein within a range of 0.7 to 0.9 times your lean body mass will equal the number of grams of protein to eat daily. Eating more than this range you’ll run the risk of the excess being turned back into glucose.

Are you authentic? Why the word is overused.

Are You Authentic?

How would you really know? I don’t like labeling any person especially using the word “authentic.” While the word is adequate to describe their characteristics of being real, genuine or not a fake, it doesn’t help a person who lacks these desirable traits, to acquire them. A person who lacks traits of being real doesn’t even know they may not be real and that they are faking their own life. To them, faking is the only way they know how and they will have the deer in the headlights look when talking about this.

I’ve met several highly motivated people who claim they are authentic when it seems to me that they are faking it. Saying your are authentic and being authentic are two very different states.

I like using other traits to describe an authentic person. A real person has these desirable traits; self-love and personal unconditional acceptance of themselves and their imperfections. A person who lacks self-acceptance of their faults will understand the faults they have that they don’t accept and may be led to change. They may then be led to ask important questions such as, “I wonder how I begin to accept my own faults?” Or the best question they might ask, “How can I ever drop my guard and begin to share my faults with others without feeling ashamed of them?”

Self-love allows a person to exercise courage in being open and vulnerable. Lack of self-love, or another way to describe this state; conditional self-love, causes a person to believe they are not enough. I’m not smart enough. I’m not talented enough. I’m not worthy enough.

Shame is the underlying cause of not being authentic and acting in a way to please others. Shame is hidden in most people. Watch my next few videos, as I will teach you about shame and how to overcome it. I’ll teach you how it affects a child too. You’ll be a better self and much better parent.


Your Inner Prostitute Child Teaches You Faith

Prostitute Inner Child?

Stay with me on this. You’ll learn a different perspective of the word ‘prostitute.’

We all have a Prostitute Inner Child that is there to teach us faith. Most people think that inner voice always tempting us to do the wrong thing is bad. It’s actually there to protect us and strengthen our faith.

By understanding this important part of our inner mind and heart, we can step back from making a poor choice and opt to select the strengthen our faith.