DETOX by Cleansing & Fasting

I started to detox my body in 2006 by cleansing and fasting. I’ve been doing this for 12 years. It’s become a habit and I feel way better than at any time in my life.

In the short video, I go into some detail about how to both cleanse and fast. Below the video, I recommend a product and protocol.


Do you suffer from brain fog, tiredness or no pep in your life?

Did you know that environmental toxins find there way into your body from the food you eat (pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones), the water you drink and bathe

Get Over Feeling Stupid for Asking for What You Want

Have you ever felt stupid because you had to ask for help? Surprisingly, a lot of people feel this way and as a result, won’t ask for the things they want and even need. I felt this way for most of my life actually.

I’m not talking about asking for directions or how much the chicken sandwich combo costs. I’m talking about the big questions in life. Questions about how to improve your skills. Questions about how to make an impact on others. Or questions about how to overcome a major roadblock in your life.

Many married couples who struggle won’t even go to a counselor for help. They’ll try and solve it on their own and end up making the marriage worse.

I hope my offering of four solutions will help you overcome feeling like a chicken to ask and you’ll start to ask boldly for everything you need and want!

Creatine; How to Beat the Heat

I think everyone, from a stay at home mom, weekend warrior to elite athletes can benefit from supplementing with creatine. According to my friend and one of the world’s leading sports nutritionist, Michael Colgan, Ph.D., there have been no studies ever done regarding creatine that showed a negative effect. That means using creatine works!

This is why I use creatine in the heat of the Nevada desert while I’m training and even on recovery days to enhance my recovery.


Nowadays, up to 74 percent of athletes are reportedly using creatine because of its well-researched benefits on performance. However, some athletes have concerns about using the supplement in hot or humid environments, as creatine could have a negative effect on hydration. However, new research suggests that creatine could help with thermoregulation and actually support hydration status. Here’s why:

1. Creatine Attracts Water

As an osmotically active substance, creatine attracts water. Because creatine is stored primarily in muscle tissue, supplementation often increases the amount of water muscle

Two Awesome Energy Hacks!

Who doesn’t want more energy? If you don’t want more energy then you may click off this post right now!

I love more energy! In fact, there’s not a ceiling on the amount I want! You too?

There are two forms of energy and yet most people only focus on one form; physical. The other form that most people never think as energy is mental energy.

Watch my short video for four ways to increase your energy level.


Mental energy:

Everyone starts with 100 units of mental energy daily.

Stress and worry will eat into this level and can drain it right after you get out of bed. It’s obvious that eliminating stress and worry will reallocate your 100 units to more productive endeavors.

You can actually increase you allocated units by living a purpose-filled life of joy and peace. Purpose, joy, and peace will actually increase your allocated units to two or three hundred percent!

Physical energy:

Reduce carbohydrates to 100 g per day.

Increase the amount of fat you eat.

Eat enough protein within a range of 0.7 to 0.9 times your lean body mass will equal the number of grams of protein to eat daily. Eating more than this range you’ll run the risk of the excess being turned back into glucose.

Papa’s Protein Fat Bombs



Papa’s Protein Fat Bombs

Dry Ingredients
2 tbls (or more) Swerve
2 tbls Chia seeds
4 tbs Coconut flour
2 tbls Almond flour
1 tbls MACA powder
½ C Raw coconut flakes
3 Scoops Isagenix Isapro Whey protein (purchase below)