How do you inspire a loved one to gain better health? Three Hacks that will work!!!

You have good health. You work on it. You eat right and appreciate how you feel. You have loved ones in your life that may be struggling with their health. You want them to gain the blessings of health that you enjoy.

You’ve tried and tried to get them to listen to you. But your message falls on death’s ears.

How can you inspire them to gain health?

Method One

Identify if the reason you want someone to have better health is because of your insecurity. Many people simply are not comfortable with something they accept and do unless others accept it too. If your ego and insecurity are the diving force in “getting” someone to change, they will feel your insincerity, feel hunted by you and turn and run.

On the other hand, dropping your ego and insecurity will open up your compassion to others. This will cause you to listen more. You’ll be able to step into their shoes and can feel as they feel. This is called empathy. Others then will open up to you because they know you care about them.  The secret then is to ask questions that would cause them to ponder.  You’ll help them unlock their own inspiration to make healthy changes on their own.

Method Two

I believe you can’t motivate anyone to change. Change always comes from within a person and rarely from external sources. Look back to when you made changes. Were you pestered to make the changes from a loved one? Probably not. Something inside you changed. Then after your shift in mindset you may have sought someone who you admired and began to follow them.

Understanding this fact, you’ll unconditionally love others and accept them for who they are. If a loved one is unhealthy, you’ll accept it. This will drop any barriers that you are actually creating for them. A barrier we often create for others is the barrier of shame. They don’t feel good about them self and you may unconsciously be supporting that feeling by how you talk to them or even how you look at them.

Method Three

Be the best you can be. Helping someone to change starts with you changing. Trust me when I say that they have noticed your positive change. If you humbly continue to focus on your own health, and almost staying quiet about it, your transformation will speak louder than your words will ever speak. Again, this is a part of dropping your own ego and gaining compassion for others. In time, loved ones may have an event that causes them to look inside and will discover they need to make changes. This is when they will approach you especially if they feel safe to do so. If you have any ego or have caused any shame for them, they may not feel safe to approach you. They may seek the help of someone other than you. If that does happen, praise them! After all this isn’t about your health. It’s about their’s.



Paying the price

I personally know three convicts. Each sentenced for different crimes. One served 2 years and the other two men served 5+ year sentences. One is still serving and slated to be released sometime next year.

One of them that served two years had a tough life upon returning home. He was married and his wife faithfully waited and supported him during his incarceration. I worked with him before he served his sentence. I worked with his wife during his absence and again with him after he returned home.

Unfortunately their marriage ended and several years of a tough child custody battle raged. In the end his wife was awarded primary custody of their children. It took a toll on her and the children. They didn’t really like being with him or his new wife afterward. After several hard years his wife is getting back on her feet and

What people really need and you can give it to them for free and earn millions

What Most People Really Need is a Good Listening to. Mary Lou Casey

How many times have you encountered a problem as a consumer? Something didn’t quite meet your expectation or you felt something amiss. Then as you approached the vendor or other person you felt could help you was disappointed at their lack of care.

Unfortunately we all have.

The truth is that all you really wanted was someone to care enough to listen. To understand you and feel empathy.

If you run a business or have to deal with customers or potential customers, the best marketing and branding tool you can ever deliver is just the simple act of listening to them.

Blow those chances to keep a promise, help someone or just plain care for them and you’ve lost a customer for life. One act of not caring can destroy years of valuable service.

As you build your brand, add caring by listening in your mix.

Preparing (for the test of time)

by Seth Godin

We have a word for the fruitless search for perfect: perfectionism.

And we have a word for what we do when we dumb something down to get approval: the committee.

But what do we call it when we work to make something important?

Something that will last? And be worth the effort?

It’s tempting to treat things as disposable, to call it a temporary fix, to do it cheap and fast and apologize as we do.

But maybe this next thing we’re going to do–maybe it will last. Maybe it will be like that novel from 60 years ago or the record album from 1962 or even the Flatiron building, 100 years later. Still around.

Not more polish, but more guts.

It might be worth the effort to confront the status quo, to own it, to leap.

By Seth Godin

You can’t change until you start here

I met with a great long time friend last night. He’s a serious student of fitness. He’s 68 years old and looks 40 with 6% body fat. During his day he was a great marathon runner who has a Boston Marathon finish.

Then, unfortunately, developed a condition and had to have a knee replaced. That ended his running career.

Now he’s changed his focus to building muscle. He’s a self described gym rat.

He declared to me that he’s always wanted those “six pack” abs but that goal has been elusive. I asked him why he can’t do it.

He said he needs to give up a few of his bad nutrition habits he’s had for years.

He’s hooked on ice cream and sugar.

I asked him why he can’t quit.

He said, “I’ve tried. I’m hooked on it. If I could eliminate that from my diet, I’d lose the weight and my abs would show.”

Then I introduced him to the 12-Step Addiction Recovery Program that I run for our church. He looked at me kinda strange and shocked. But he listened. He never considered that the reason he can’t give up ice cream and sugar is that he is addicted to them.

I told him Step One is where you start.

The first step is Honesty. It reads, “Step 1: Admit that you, of yourself, are powerless to overcome your addiction and that your life has become unmanageable.”


Change always starts with with being honest. Most people who can’t change have excuses why. Excuses are deflections from some emotion inside that they do not want others to see.

Looking in that mirror of life and seeing the true reflection of yourself and affirming with complete honesty that you can’t change, you don’t know how and need help, is the first step to change.

Being honest is change and it’s the first step forward.