You have a Wonder Child inside you!

What happened to change you from the little child who bugged your parents with abundant energy and enthusiasm? Who was trusting and faithful? The child that was persistence and had so much curiosity? Who would let go and forgive with almost a short memory?

How do certain adults retain these qualities and are often said to be “authentic” meaning they are real and are truly them self and do not need to pretend. Adults that are humble and recognize their humanity. Are human beings who are courageous to show their feelings as opposed to human doings who only seem to want to be accepted based on their performance and perfectionistic tendencies. The kind of caring adults you love to talk to because they love to listen with compassion and empathy and seem to understand you and accept you in spite of your imperfections.

Perhaps from The Journal of Auroville illustrates inner child well:

COMMUNICATION FROM A FLYING SAUCER The trouble with earthlings is their early adulthood. As long as they are young, they are lovable, open-hearted, tolerant, eager to learn and to collaborate. They can even be induced to play with one another. Most adults, however, are mortal enemies. The only educational problem earth has is how to keep them young. For life, evolution, progress, and adaptation to new situations they are useful only as long as they keep their youthful qualities. But the funny thing is that in all the educational institutions I visited the object was to hasten maturity instead of delaying it. Surely your history can teach you that only the races with the longest childhood were able to remain in the cultural mainstream. The ideal should be to prolong childhood up to sixty years.

Then you would be able to produce a real planetary culture. Once you realize the importance of this prolongation it will be easy for your biologists to work out the necessary techniques to keep your children teachable. Your cultural life has already become too rich, too complicated, for you to content yourselves with an educational period of a mere twelve years. True specialization should start at sixty. Compare the growth of intelligence in human children of, let us say, seven to fourteen, with that of children of fourteen to twenty-one. Do you see the dramatic slowdown the moment maturity appears?  Many children simply stop at sixteen, some even at fourteen. And even those who go on evolving usually progress along lines already laid down at the age of ten or twelve. No new regions of mind normally open in human beings after that. The most shocking fact about evolution is not that we descend from something we probably wouldn’t like to meet alone in a forest at night, but that something descends from us which we certainly wouldn’t like to meet even at noon in a crowded street. Perhaps the subhuman is more acceptable than the suprahuman.

Equals One, 1969-2, The Journal of Auroville, Pondicherry-2, India

The inner child is a beautiful concept to help you get in touch with who you really are, to become authentic by embracing your authentic self and letting go of the person you think others want you to be.

Using WONDERFUL as an acronym, your Wonderful Child is inside of you!

Free Play

John Bradshaw is one of the best authors on the topic of inner child. When you began to see how your wonder child was wounded in childhood from perhaps a closed home where it was not acceptable to be anything other than what your parents demanded. A home where perhaps your parents suffered from shame and did not unconditionally love them self and therefore could not unconditionally love you and your inner child for who you really are.

John Bradshaw lecturing on Inner Child:

Today is Joyful

Those living authentically, in touch with who they really are, live a joy filled life. Not because they don’t suffer and have pain. But because they can accept suffering and pain as a part of life. It’s joyful because they’ve found what they are truly passionate about in their life and now have deep purpose.

Michael Lantz (starting at the bottom left going counter clockwise, age 18 mo, 4, 7 and 11)

For me, I’m that little child boy (yes that is me  at various stages of youth) again who is in constant motion! A child that is curious and can express himself with excitement and share knowledge learned to help others. My inner child is charitable and I’m just as comfortable talking to homeless persons as I am talking to top producing million dollar a year network marketers and CEOs of major corporations.

Unconditionally love the little child inside you! That child is tempered and with learned boundaries are what allow the child to be safe and to fully explore their happiness with the adult in you.

Living authentically, understanding your unique inner child, you’ll be better able to connect to your spouse and children. You’ll rediscovering who they really are and will experience the refreshing words as you embrace and say, “I love you.”

Your inner child is the source of regeneration in your life, as John Bradshaw states above. Your inner child is that most like your creator!

Your Purpose for Being on the Earth

When you are attached to your purpose for being on the earth, you’ll be excited to get out of bed each morning! Your energy will increase in accordance with the size of your dreams and goals.

For me I’m excited each day to meet new people and to connect and love each other. This allows me to offer my aid in helping them end their suffering. You’ll experience a boost in your compassion and empathy for the pain and suffering of others. No longer will you turn from it, but you’ll embrace it as a way to share love and to be accepted for who you really are.

Let your inner children play, connect and create a better world!