Questions and Time Line

0:39    Why can’t I lose weight even though I’m working out and eating a good diet?
7:26    What is insulin resistance?
14:56  I’m a Type II diabetic and have to take insulin. Will I ever be able to really lose weight?
17:39   I’ve heard of ketones and see some of my friends losing weight using them. Are they safe? How do they work?
23:39   Why are their good carbs and bad carbs? (carbohydrates)
27:03   I’ve heard that “abs” are made in the kitchen. What does that mean?
32:43   I don’t have time to really prepare good meals. What can I do to gain better health?
44:39    I’ve heard people going on extended fasts. I’ve tried that and it was too hard. How does fasting work? Can it be easier?


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