Using these two simple techniques; NLP and Sharing Your Story with Enthusiasm, you can start getting great results in your recruiting effort without getting in the way of your recruits progress.

Ahead of the Curve Training September 13, 2017 (28:26)


Listen to retired Air Force Colonel Steve Reynolds share how he got out of the way and from the time he enrolled on July 1, 2017 and over the next 59 days became a 2-Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive with 54 enrollments.

He shared his story with enthusiasm and used upline support with 3-way calls and the tools. He anchored his results through his story, effectively using NLP techniques with how our minds worked, to Isagenix in his recruit’s mind.

It’s simple. You can use this right away.

Steve Reynold’s Success in His First 59 Days (10:27)

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