Do you feel you are lacking something in your life? Perhaps you feel out of balance? You know all your needs are not being met and you can’t seem to put your finger on why.

You’re not alone in these feelings. The good news is that you can meet all your needs and the first place to start is identifying what they are.

Your Six Greatest Needs

Below is the list of your six greatest needs:

Human needs

  • Certainty: Obtaining certainty helps you conquer fear and allow you to move forward with stability and confidence
  • Variety: This is the exact opposite of certainty. You need to stimulate your mind and spice up you life through play and fun and challenging activity
  • Significance: This confirms your self, your ego and I AMness. It moves your life from ordinary to significance by being unique and authentic. It is the need to leave a legacy.
  • Love & Connection: Living authentically is your key to receiving and giving love, connection and acceptance in your life. This is one of the most important needs any human being has.

Spiritual needs

  • Personal Growth: You were meant to move forward and to grow and reach a higher and higher potential of significance
  • Contribution: To live a fulfilling life you yearn to make significant contributions to your family, others, communities and the world.

As these needs are met you begin to have the feeling of fulfillment. People that are the most fulfilled proactive meet these needs. Life Free & Dream Big™ wants to help you live a fulfilled life.