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Let’s face it, we all seek certainty in our lives. Money, and the ability to spend it on our wants and needs without restriction, will create certainty if the source of money is sound. Therefore to create certainty in your life that money can provide the source of the money needs to be certain.

I suppose that if the amount of money was sufficient to create certainty for you but the source of it was not certain, you may actually not feel certain. Thus in reality certainty that money can provide has to have a certain source of supply.

Source of Supply

There is really only one source of the supply of money, you and your Creator. When you work in harmony with wealth principles the supply is unlimited. Therefore, improving your knowledge of these principles is crucial for you to become the best version of yourself financially.

There are only a few categories of sources other than yourself;

  1. Employment where you trade your time for money, i.e., you work for someone else.
  2. You work for yourself; you hire your expertise out to others who will pay you.  This is a small business.
  3. You earn a return in the form of dividends, interests or growth of capital from investing your money.
  4. You own a very large business that has many employees, locations and product offerings to consumers, vendors or other businesses.
  5. You are receiving money from another individual(s) or a government or charitable entity.

As you see there are only five sources. Each of them have different elements of risk associated that would either create certainty or would not. Let’s explore each one.


This is by far the most widely accepted source of income for most Americans. It’s called getting a job. Only you can determine if you feel that it’s really certain. Even people that have advanced degrees and are highly specialized in today’s rapidly changing economy may be outsourced or replaced. An example is the music record industry or photo film processing. Both were replaced overnight. Records were replaced by digital and photo film by digital imaging.

Part of the added risk of employment is that it is only one source of income for the time you trade. That source, if they control you, could decide to fire you and in a moment of time without any advanced warning you are without income and your measure of certainty is gone.

Work for Yourself in a Small Business

The American dream for most people is to work for them self. There is truly a measure of satisfaction and pride owning your own business. Only about 1 in 20 people in America work for them self. But what about its certainty?

It’s perhaps more certain than working for yourself because unlike working for someone else that only provides you one source of income, i.e., a paycheck, you may have multiple sources of income working for many different customers in your small business. This actually lowers the risk as compared to one paycheck. It does come with additional forms of risk not seen by working for someone. Risk of losing capital if the business fails. Risk of making payroll, a lease or loan repayments if there is deficient sales to cover these overhead items.

The positive aspect here is that you control the amount of money you’d like to make. If you want to earn more you work harder, smarter and with added energy.


For 99.9% of the population it’s unrealistic to think you could have enough capital to invest to provide a sufficient cash flow to pay for your needs. Granted over time as you invested capital over a long period of time you may have enough for a retirement. Investing has its own degrees of certainty and uncertainty. Truthfully it’s both.

Today 33% of Americans have no savings for retirement and another 23% have less than $10,000 saved. You see my point.

It’s good to always save. Savings will always provide choices that you could make to add certainty to your life.

Big Business

Out of the five listed categories, owning a big business, would create the most certainty because of the vast sources of income it provides. With a big business the principle of leverage is created with employees and multiple locations helping make you money while you sleep. Because of diversification, big business can be economy proof and recession proof, although not always. Only a very small percentage of our population ever achieve this level. It would be less than 1%.

Charity (Government aid)

This would be a situation where you had no means to take care of yourself. Let’s hope you never have to depend on this to survive.

The Best Way by Combining Several Ways

As a former CPA I worked with all of the first four types; employees, small businesses, investors and big businesses. As a CPA I started as an employee and earned a partnership that moved me to become a small business owner.

I learned first hand the challenges of going solo as a small business owner when I left the CPA firm and started my own firm. In time the stress was to great and it become unfulfilling. Then the 2009 economy took most of every thing I’d ever saved and worked for away.

I began to ask myself these questions.

  1. How could I earn money like a big business without the risk and time to build it up?
  2. What might be a recession proof business that I could depend on for many years to come?
  3. How could I serve the needs of others and become fulfilled at the same time earning an income?
  4. How could I earn an income that would pay for my dreams and allowed me the time to be able to enjoy life on my terms?
  5. How could I have the time flexibility so I could train full time for the Ironman triathlon and not have to worry about work interfering?
  6. I did not want employees. I wanted to surround myself with great people. I didn’t want to have to invest a great deal of money either.

What I Found From Asking these Questions

Thankfully a dear friend of mine listened to my plea to find the answers to these questions. What I discovered shocked me. The answer was network marketing. I rolled my eyes back into my head when she said it but at least I was open to learning more because I did not want to go back into the CPA world.

I learned that it was really a big business model without the major time or capital needed. I would be partnering with a big business and use their technology. I would create the network of others who loved the product and solutions as much as me and that would create the leverage to earn as much as the network I created could produce and without the time involvement of working like an employee. I would be earning profits instead of wages.

Why Network Marketing, What is it and Would it be Right For You?

Here’s the unbelievable truth about network marketing. Let’s say you work all year in your job and your household earns $75,000. That’s enough for your needs, mortgage (rent), car payment, etc and you’re able to spend less than you earned and are able to save $1,000. In network marketing working part time without giving up your full time employment you might make $500 a month. That would be $6,000 extra during the year. That’s six times as much extra income. What would that mean for you and your family? Then what if you could be taught how to earn an extra $2,000 per month? That would be $24,000 extra a year! That would probably change your life. That would be enough for you to have a choice to work extra or not if your boss called you in on a weekend.

In network marketing you get paid for what you are already doing.

“Everybody does network marketing every day, but some people just don’t get paid for it.” Keith Schreiter

“Is this selling? I can’t stand to sell. I can’t take rejection.” you may be saying. No, it’s not really selling but you do have to recommend to others the things you like. You probably already do that and I bet you have some decent communication skills.

Then you have to ask yourself, if you continue to do what you are already doing by recommending things you like, do you choose to do it for free or get paid to do it? It’s really that simple.

It’s easier to share something you like too. It reduces the fear of rejection because you don’t really care if they accept what you’re sharing because you’ve done it out of the goodness of your heart.

This is why sharing and network marketing works. People value other’s peoples opinion over advertising. Which one would you choose to follow?

  1. You saw an advertisement about a product on television.
  2. Your friend or someone you trust tells you about their experience with the product.

See what we mean?

Job Security and Being Unfulfilled

imperfect momI’ve asked many employed people if they see themselves doing the same thing for the next 5, 10 or 20 years? Almost always the answer is “No!” Then I ask them what they would rather be doing. I get some fantastic dreams! Why do you think people don’t see what they are currently doing as long term? Job security doesn’t exist and people are just plain bored and unfulfilled in their jobs. Maybe they don’t like being controlled either.

A Shift in Your Mindset

The good news is when you work for yourself you are the boss. The bad news when you work for yourself is that you are the boss. You’ll have to develop an entrepreneur mentality and overcome the mindset of being an employee. To succeed working for yourself you have to be determined and motivated. You’ll be faced with exercising courage a lot in the beginning as you face some fears that will hold you back. The great part about this fact is that as you conquer your fear you grow in unbelievable ways. I’ve heard many that I work with who have started to earn the $500, $1,000 and $3,000 per month that what they are most happy about is their personal growth. Network marketing is really disguised personal development.

Chance of Failure

Might you fail at network marketing? Sure. There are no guarantees. If you think about it though, there are no guarantees in your job either. In your job your income could be cut 100% overnight. In network marketing it probably won’t happen like that and mostly what you lose is the time you spent working for yourself.

Here is a secret though that the naysayers and losers don’t realize. In the time that you spent not earning any income you actually got a great education in how not to do it. With good mentors and your willingness to look in the mirror, you can minimize unproductive time and maximize your effectiveness in sharing what you love with others.

Love What You Do

wahm1When you choose to be a mother you immediately fell in love with being a mom. That’s the same kind of passion we should all have for everything in life. How many people do you know that have that same passion for their job as you have as a mom? Many in network marketing that really do something with it have a passion for it. It’s a great way to create great friendships, make a contribution towards people’s lives and be rewarded with time and financial choices. How many jobs or businesses do you know that actually excel at the four attributes of network marketing; love, sharing, giving and cooperation? Those four are part of the fiber of every body and especially as a mother. That is why the profession is dominated by women (78%).

Some of the Simple Success Elements

If you can tell a story with enthusiasm then you can be a successful network marketing professional. That’s it. The best network marketing professionals are great story tellers. This blog is all about stories. There are really only 7 skills to master and if you took them in a college class it would be the easiest class you ever took. People who fail at network marketing get in the way of how easy it is. If you can be authentic and believe that you are enough, then you can learn the 7 skills and really do well either part time or full time.

Making a Decision to Move Forward

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”  Peter Drucker

My good friend Keith Schreiter said, “Zig Ziglar, once asked his audience: ‘Can you do something to make your life worse in the next three weeks?’ The audience said: ‘Yes, of course.’ This was easy to visualize and accept. Then Zig said: ‘Can you do something to make your life better in the next three weeks?’ Aha! Now the audience had to accept that they could.”

I see so many people really wanting to make a difference in their life. They like the ideas that I’ve shared.  Their wheels start turning. We call them the fear wheels.

“I don’t want to make a mistake.”

“I don’t want my friends to make fun of me.”

“What if I make the wrong decision?”

“I’d probably suck at this and I don’t want to sell to my friends.”

“I really need to think about this for a while until I get comfortable.”

“What if I fail? Everyone will hate me.”

And they think, and they think, and they think. It never ends.

Here’s the gospel truth and something anyone who has ever did well working for them self will testify, “I was scared when I started. I was very uncomfortable. But I was able to conquer those feelings and now when ever I get the same feeling I know I’m on the right path.” It’s okay to be scared. After all, if this is your first venture into working for yourself, you’re going into the unknown. Every time I went a little farther in my network marketing careers, like even writing this entire blog, I was scared. It’s part of the success process.

How you get through that is to act with just a little bit of faith, and say, “Let’s do it! I’m excited to learn! Show me how!!!”

How to Take the First Step

Have you ever been asked when is the best time to plant a tree? The answer is twenty years ago. When is the second best time to plant a tree? Now. The sooner you plant a tree the sooner it will yield fruit, shade, fun or enjoyment. The same is for you to start working for yourself and earn the time and financial choices you desire.

Once you start, here are five things to do everyday:

  1. Add one new person a day to your list of people to talk to.
  2. Invite one new person to review the opportunity or product. It takes about one minute and I’ll show you how. A substantial amount of the time (90%) will accept your offer to learn more.
  3. Build a better relationship and loyalty in your business with one person a day by perhaps sending them an article that would add value to them or even just a sincere text or card about how you appreciate them.
  4. Learn more of the 7 skills.
  5. Spend 30 minutes a day in study, exercise or both to build a better you.

That’s it.

Ok, sign me up to take the first step!