C3515D1B-4B21-45B6-A167-F1D4C9134AE3.PNGWould you rather have a Thin A$s with a Big Wallet or a Big A$s with a Thin Wallet?

What is a GOYA Coach™? GOYA stands for “Get Off Your A$s!” It’s a common saying that means, among other things, to just do it and get it done.

Ways People Benefit from a “Get Off Your Ass” Coach™

  • When you don’t move off your a$s you get bleacher butt. By GOYA you’ll get the foul balls, eat more hotdogs and be okay having extra ice cream.
  • Get off your a$s is a way to actually have more fun.
  • The act of not moving your a$s allows it to get bigger and you can’t fit in your jeans causing you to have to spend more money on larger jeans. By GOYA, your a$s looks better.
  • Those that sit back on their a$s never have enough money to do things. It’s a dreadful symptom of a slow, non-moving a$s. People with money move their a$s. A moving a$s attracts more money. It’s called the Attractive Moving A$S model.
  • It actually takes as much energy to get off your a$s as it does not moving your a$s. You’ve heard of those people called, “movers and shakers?” They’ve learned the art of moving their a$s in all directions (movers) and fast (shakers).

How does a GOYA Coach make a person Get Off Your A$s?

A GOYA Coach™ simply helps you understand how to GOYA by making you feel uncomfortable.

A comfortable a$s doesn’t move. An uncomfortable a$s has to move in order to feel comfortable.

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Is it expensive to hire a GOYA Coach™?

No. But it’s really expensive to not GOYA. Read above what happens to a person that doesn’t GOYA. Is that what you want?

Would you rather have a Thin A$s with a Big Wallet or a Big A$s with a Thin Wallet?

headshotMichael Lantz, The GOYA Coach™

Michael is the world’s first and greatest GOYA Coach™





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