C3515D1B-4B21-45B6-A167-F1D4C9134AE3.PNGWould you rather be comfortable within restrictive walls or creating a life you love without walls?

What is a GOYA Coach™? GOYA stands for “Get Off Your A$s!” It’s a common saying that means, among other things, to just do it by fighting through the dark and fears that are there to stop you and allowing you to accomplish all your goals.

The 5 Ways People Benefit from a “Get Off Your Ass” Coach™

  1. When you don’t move off your a$s you get bleacher butt. By GOYA you’ll get the foul balls, eat more hotdogs and be okay having extra ice cream.
  2. Get off your a$s is a way to actually have more fun because among the popular belief that sitting and not doing anything leads to fun is a big fat lie.
  3. The act of not moving your a$s allows it to get bigger and you can’t fit in your jeans anymore causing you to have to spend more money on larger jeans. By GOYA, your a$s looks better and you actually feel way better about yourself in skinnier jeans.
  4. Those that sit back on their a$s never seem to ever have enough money to do things. It’s a dreadful symptom of a slow, non-moving a$s that people run out of money before they run out of a month. People with money move their a$s. A moving a$s attracts more money. It’s called The Attractive Moving A$S Model™.
  5. It actually takes just as much energy to get off your a$s as it does not moving your a$s. You’ve heard of those people called, “movers and shakers?” They’ve learned the art of moving their a$s in all directions (movers) and fast (shakers).

How does a GOYA Coach make a person Get Off Your A$s?

A GOYA Coach™ simply helps you understand how to GOYA by doing two things really well:

  • With compassion and understanding, because moving off your a$S can be frightening, I help you become AWARE of new things that are hidden from your mind’s eye thus allowing you to move your a$S and create your own solutions, and
  • Together, I help you pass through the uncomfortable feeling that moving your a$S in new paths will create as you Create The Live You Love.

I’m like the Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man combined that helped Dorothy stay on the yellow brick road until she was able to travel to OZ and then back home to Kansas.

A comfortable a$s doesn’t move. An uncomfortable a$s has to move in order to feel comfortable.

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Is it expensive to hire a GOYA Coach™?

No, it not expensive at all. But it’s really expensive to not GOYA. Read the 5 items above of the consequences of failing to GOYA. Is that what you want?

Would you rather be comfortable within restrictive walls or creating a life you love without walls?

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