Take Control of Your Health This Holiday

According to research at Cornell University found that the weight people gained during the holidays, usually starting in October, takes over 5 months to lose during the new year. According to media reports as published in the New York Times, most people gain 7-10 pounds during the holidays.

What’s the Holiday Weight Wellness Package?

The Holiday Weight Wellness Package is a meal replacement plan consisting of between 68-78 meals during a 30-day period that also incorporates intermittent fasting and supplements of vitamins and minerals to help you release weight during the holidays.

Using the program our participants have reported that they were able to still enjoy the many holiday parties and get-togethers and not feel guilty as they were able to still lose weight.

Personal Support

In addition to enjoying the benefits of our innovated super meal replacement program, as part of enrolling with me, I’ll personally support you and add you to a private Facebook Group to receive additional support and ideas.

What’s the Price of the Package?

While our program fits most personal needs there may be some adjusting to match your particular needs (insulin resistant, diabetic, athlete, budget).

There are three packages to choose from and each of them has various options. Generally, a 30-day program’s price range is between $300 (68 meals) and $600 (78 meals plus some superior vitamins and mineral supplements). For those on a budget, packages can be altered to meet your budget constraints.

Is There a Risk-Free Guarantee?

All of our Weight Wellness packages come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. There is no risk to you during the first 30 days. Return all remaining product and receive a full price refund.

How Do I Get Stated?

Please fill out the contact form below and I’ll immediately get back to you.

(Because everyone has their own personal body type and results using carbohydrates, I’ll want to do a brief interview to make a recommendation of the right package for you.)